Lisa Snowdon Feels 'Lost and Alone' Amid Struggle to Cope With Perimenopause

The former 'Britain's Next Top Model' host often escapes to the woods whenever she's stressed out while dealing with 'the worst of [her] hormone fluctuations.'

AceShowbiz - Lisa Snowdon credits being in nature with helping her to cope with the symptoms of perimenopause. Going through the perimenopause at the age of 42 and dealing with the intense hormonal changes, the presenter and model, 50, who famously dated George Clooney, found getting out for walks in the woods alone worked wonders on her mental health.

"That was a time when I was really out of whack and out of sync. I didn't know what was going on. Being in nature helped me a lot. It was a stressful time, and yet walking in the woods helped ground and rebalance me when I was going through the worst of my hormone fluctuations," she told Top Sante magazine.

"Perimenopause really did come up out of the blue. But walking in the woods where we live, by myself, really helped calm me down when I felt quite lost and alone."

As well as walks in the woods, Lisa has cut back on alcohol and is "conscious" of the food she eats. Last month, the brunette beauty admitted she doesn't have as much "va va voom" as she used to when it comes to sex.

Her passion for lovemaking dipped three years ago when she had put on weight. Telling how it led to her pushing away her fiance George Smart, 42, when he came for a hug, she added, "Three years ago when I was at my biggest, I felt terrible."

"It wasn't just about the weight. It was the anxiety and I wasn't sleeping. George would come in and cuddle me and I'd be like, 'Get off me, I'm so hot!' He'd come and snuggle me and I'd be on fire. The worst thing you can do is to feel that you should be doing something, so stop all that comparison and putting pressure on yourself. Then things start to fall back into place."

Lisa added while the three stone she gained at the start of her perimenopause "hasn't all come off" she now has a "sense of self-acceptance."

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