Sylvester Stallone Plans to Get New Tattoo of Wife After Removing It Due to Divorce Filing
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Words are the 'Expendables' actor is having regrets about reacting to Jennifer Flavin's divorce filing 'very emotionally' by removing his tattoos of his wife of more than two decades.

AceShowbiz - Sylvester Stallone is regretful. The "Rocky Balboa" actor, who recently reconciled with Jennifer Flavin, is reportedly planning to get a new tattoo to honor his wife after he removed tattoos of her following her divorce filing.

On Wednesday, September 28, reported that "The Expendables" actor "regrets" removing tattoos of Jennifer. "Jen filing for divorce came as such a shock to everyone, especially Sly," the insider explained. "Like all couples they have their issues but he never expected her to go that far, and when he found out he reacted very emotionally by covering her tattoos."

"He regrets it now and is talking about getting a new tattoo in her honor," added the so-called inside source. "He's definitely all the way back in and is vowing to make sure things never get so off course between them again."

A separate source told the news outlet that despite the split, it was "not something that was a dealbreaker" and that they're working to repair their bond. "Sly and Jennifer have been through thick and thin together throughout the years. They've managed to make a marriage work so well in Hollywood when many others haven't had the same," said the insider, "The love is there, it's always been there and although they're staying private about what caused Jennifer to file."

"It was an emotional move, and a highly charged one which is why they've decided to try and give things another chance," the informant offered more details. "Their kids couldn't be happier that they're trying to work things out. They are taking things slowly, and reevaluating what their marriage means to them."

The source concluded that after being married for 25 years, both Sylvester and Jennifer are not ready to say goodbye. "They've come this far and they don't want to take the easy way out like so many couples do. They understand a relationship takes patience and understanding, and those are the things they're trying to work through right now," the insider said.

Sylvester and Jennifer decided to give their relationship another try after Jennifer filed for divorce, citing their union was "irretrievably broken," on August 19. Of their reconciliation, a spokesperson for the 76-year-old confirmed to Page Six last week, "They decided to meet back up at home, where they talked and were able to work out their differences. They are both extremely happy."

Prior to officially reconciling, Sylvester sparked reconciliation rumors by sharing a throwback picture of the couple. In the snapshot, the pair could be seen walking through a garden while holding hands. He also added an old image of the two with their three daughters, Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20. "Wonderful….," he captioned the post.

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