Gwyneth Paltrow Determined Not to Hurt Her Kids With Her Split From Chris Martin

The Goop founder doesn't want to hurt her two children following her divorce from the Coldplay lead vocalist so they maintain a civil relationship while co-parenting the kids.

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow wanted her kids to be as "unscathed" as possible by her divorce from Chris Martin. Sharing daughter Apple, 18, and son Moses, 16, with the 45-year-old Coldplay frontman, the Goop founder, 49, added she still loves the singer as they continue to co-parent.

"He's completely my family, and I love him. And he would do anything for me. I would do anything for him. He would do anything for our kids. We really did commit to wanting our children to be as unscathed by the divorce as possible," she told CBS on Sunday (25.09.22) about Chris in a wide-ranging chat about her career and heading towards 50.

Gwyneth - now married to 51-year-old TV producer Brad Falchuk - and Chris famously announced in 2016 they were "consciously uncoupling" by ending their marriage of 13 years.

Three weeks ago, the actress-turned-businesswoman thanked her children as she continues to watch them grow up, saying on Instagram alongside a series of pictures of her with her family, "Summer 2022, you brought it all unsparingly. Elation, adventure, transition, joy and heartbreak alike. Thank you for your reminders, connections and deepenings."

The Oscar-winner, set to turn 50 on September 27, added in the CBS interview she thought in her 20s you are "dead" by the time you reached the milestone. She said when asked by correspondent Tracy Smith how she viewed the age in her youth, "I don't think I thought about it. I thought, you know, 50 is, like, you're dead at that point!"

Gwyneth's dad Bruce Paltrow died aged 58 in 2002 from complications of oral cancer and pneumonia. She added about now feeling the age will give her freedom to be herself, "As a woman, you turn 50 and maybe we all give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are. And we stop trying to be what other people are expecting us to be, and you kind of exhale into this other thing."

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