David Hasselhoff Defends His 'Heathy' Ego

The former 'Baywatch' actor admits in a new interview that he might come across as conceited at times but he insists his ego comes from his desire to be perfect.

AceShowbiz - David Hasselhoff confesses his ego is "heathy." Admitting he might come across as egotistical at times, the "Baywatch" legend, 70, insists it comes from a place of wanting his work to be "perfect."

"Well yes, I have an ego, but it's through a desire to be perfect in whatever I'm doing. I have a healthy ego because I apologise when I'm wrong. I am wrong sometimes but most of the time I'm dead-on," he told Reader's Digest UK.

Hasselhoff has a major fanbase in Germany and his latest role is playing a fictionalised version of himself for TV over there. He will appear in "Ze Network" for RTL streaming service TV Now alongside German actor Henry Hubchen, who also plays a version of himself, and the show is described as an international conspiracy story.

"Ze Network" sees The Hoff land the lead role in a German stage show, only to be plunged into the centre of a conspiracy of former cold war assassins while the fabric of reality seems to break down around him.

He said of the show, " 'Knight Rider' was incredibly successful for both me and RTL. Returning now 30 years later to do a cutting-edge series and working with RTL again is a dream come true. The series is funny, deadly, creative and informative ... simply exciting. Fact or fiction, you decide."

It's not the first time he's played a fictional version of himself as he did just that in "Hoff the Record", a sitcom which ran for two seasons in 2015 and 2016 on UK TV channel Dave.

And in 2017, he appeared in the movie "Killing Hasselhoff", in which Ken Jeong portrayed a cash-strapped nightclub owner who hires a hitman to kill the star in a bid to win a celebrity death pool and revive his fortunes.

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