Aaron Carter Likens His Feud With Ex Melanie Martin to Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Case

The 'Fool's Gold' singer reveals he is preparing to sue his on-and-off girlfriend and baby mama, days after cops were called to his home over allegations that his ex burglarized his house.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin's tumultuous relationship is hitting another low and it's seemingly going to get uglier from here. The singer has revealed his plans to sue his on-and-off girlfriend for defamation, comparing their situation to Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard case.

"Unfortunately, it looks like it's gonna turn into a Johnny Depp/Amber Heard 2.0," he said when met outside his house in Lancaster, California. "Because I have to unfortunately sue Melanie Martin for defamation of character, for lying about me breaking her ribs."

"It almost ruined my career. So I have no other choices but to sue her," the 34-year-old argued, before reaching out to Johnny's lawyer Camille Vasquez for help to represent him. "Camille, if you hear this message, please, help me," he extended his plea. "Call me and find a way to contact me personally and I would love to talk to you. I know that you can help me win this because I have the facts. It's a win-win."

During the interview, Aaron also confirmed that police were called to his home days earlier after he accused his ex-girlfriend Melanie of burglarizing the house. He said his son Prince wasn't in the house during the altercation. The 9-month-old is currently living with Melanie's mother as he and Melanie have both lost custody of their son.

"She wouldn't leave, she was trying to trigger me," the "I Want Candy" hitmaker said of his former fiancee. He added that Melanie would "break in through the back window just walk in the house" without his permission.

"I personally feel like I deserve a better girl," so he shared, saying he needed someone who better fit with his "Southern" values.

The younger brother of Nick Carter also clarified reports that he was currently in rehab. He said it's actually an out-patient program focused on "aftercare" and his "triggers," to ensure that he doesn't relapse after what he claimed were "five years clean." As part of the program, he attended Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings to show a judge that he was serious.

On a positive note, he said that he is "staying strong" now, despite "eight months of a lot of turmoil." He stated, "Now it's time to focus on being single, focus on my aftercare, focus on my son."

Aaron and Melanie started dating in 2020. In November 2021, he announced that they welcomed their first child after Melanie underwent an emergency C-section.

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