Man Apologizes to Bobby Shmurda After Getting Death Threats for Claiming He's in Bed With the Star

After his supposed 'harmless joke' backfires, a man named Xavier Raza issues a lengthy statement to clarify that it wasn't him who was lying in bed next to the 'Hot N***a' hitmaker in a video.

AceShowbiz - Bobby Shmurda has received an apology from a man who claimed that he was in bed with the rapper. Xavier Raza caused an Internet uproar last week after he said that he got cozy with the star in a video, but now he has backtracked on his earlier remark, saying that it was meant to be a "harmless joke."

Xavier issued a lengthy statement on his Instagram page on Monday, September 19 after he received "death threats" over his joke. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of this..," he began his apology, "but I wanted to address everything that's going on right now. I owe everybody an explanation but most importantly I owe an apology to Bobby Shmurda and his fans."

"I'm sorry for everything that's going on and confusion I have caused anyone this past weekend. That was NOT me in the video," he clarified. "What was meant to be a harmless joke, shook the internet. I never thought my post would go viral and it was never my intention to mislead anyone."

Xavier went on sharing, "I have been receiving death threats and keep seeing my name attached to headlines that are far from the truth.. I have been hesitant to speak out, but I wanted to clear my name and put an end to this rumor."

Acknowledging the damage he has done, he continued, "Although I have realized that no matter what I say or do they're always going to be people that will not believe my intentions or think that I'm lying. I know what it's like to be bullied for being gay, I would never want to put that on anyone else.. Anyone who knows me understands I was not doing this for clout and would never want to 'expose' or hurt anyone." He added in the caption, "I'm sorry."

Previously, Xavier claimed that he's the one in bed with Bobby in a clip to promote the star's "Hoochie Daddy" track. "I'm mad shy but Bobby loves meee," he wrote on his Facebook page. When a follower commented on the hairline of the person in the video as pointing out, "That really looks like a mans hairline," Xavier responded, "duh it's mine."

Bobby later responded to the man's claims. "When the hate don't work they start telling lies," he posted on social media, along with the caption which read, "That's why y'all still broke after all these years you spend your time on bulls**t and cap to make y'all feel better…tap into reality. go get you some Shmoney #viralpost."

The 28-year-old suspected that his former record label was behind the wild rumors. "Tour is coming and labels always showed me how they control and work any narrative they want and control medias to an extent. How much the bots cost y'all. I just make 200K last week. I'm trying to buy some s**t cus y'all odee yang s**ting I can't boom the internet so have fun," he wrote.

The Miami native added in the caption, "I'm really that scary… ay they trying to f**k up my tour… cuz I'm not with them anymore and I'm taking they artist on tour like they try sabotage my EP lower my sound all kinda crazy nerd s**t they don't want it played nowhere They pay for they artist to get played at #reallife #trillers #bandit #bigmad #independentartist #slaveship #nogood."

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