Tom Brady Apologizes for Throwing iPad During 'Ugly' Game Amid Marital Drama With Gisele Bundchen
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When addressing the emotional outburst, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also says that he believes his latest tantrum will 'be another Twitter meme or something like that.'

AceShowbiz - Tom Brady has addressed a viral video of him throwing a tablet during a game against the New Orleans Saints. Taking to social media, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback apologized for his recent emotional outburst amid reported marital issues with Gisele Bundchen.

Making use of his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday, September 19, the 45-year-old seven-time champion posted a video of him talking about the situation. "Great win to get to 2-0," he began, referring to his team's winning streak.

"The ugly ones count too," Tom added, before apologizing, "Sorry for breaking that tablet." Believing that people may poke fun at him, he said, "I think that's going to be another Twitter meme or something like that."

In the footage that has since gone viral on social media, Tom could be seen looking miserable during the Sunday game. After the Buccaneers started the second half with a stalled drive and punt, the athlete could be seen shouting at his teammates on the way to the bench.

Once he arrived at the Buccaneers sideline, the footballer threw his helmet and continued to take his anger out by throwing an iPad with a blue cover to the ground. Critics on social media have since joked about his tantrum.

"This man is almost 50," one person wrote on Twitter. A separate user echoed a similar sentiment as tweeting, "Tom Brady might be 45 but he throws his iPad as if he's 4." A third added, "Tom brady throwing a fit and chucking an IPad AGAIN is exactly why Gisele leaves him. No one else is out there throwing a tantrum."

Tom seemingly has tough weeks lately. He allegedly "knows that this is his last season" in the NFL "if he wants to stay married" to Gisele, who wants him to be "more present" for the kids. While it's reported that his marriage is not "over by any means," the athlete knows he will have to retire permanently after this season to smooth over any alleged marital issues.

Amid the rumored rift between the married couple, Tom's wife Gisele was seen crying on the phone during a recent New York City outing. While walking along Hudson River Park, near the Tribeca apartment she shares with her husband, on Wednesday, September 14, the Brazilian supermodel was caught wiping away her tears.

An eyewitness said, "Gisele was walking on her own on the West Side, crying into her mobile phone." A separate source speculated the supermodel may have been on the phone with Tom.

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