Drake Takes a Swipe at Kanye West and Adidas' Feud
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While fans love his joke about Ye's dispute with Adidas, the 'Jimmy Cooks' hitmaker is roasted over his newest hairstyle which includes tribute to his favorite brand Nike.

AceShowbiz - Drake is apparently quietly paying attention to everything that Kanye West has posted on social media. The Canadian pop star is possibly going to reignite his beef with the Atlanta native after he weighed in on the latter's public dispute with Adidas.

Drizzy took a swipe at the drama involving Ye and Adidas when attending Nike Maxim Awards which was held on Thursday, September 8 in Beaverton, Oregon. Before congratulating Nike on 50 years of existence, he took a shot at the competition by naming some of the rival companies' biggest representatives.

"Nike is 50. Nike is so old it's wearing New Balance," Drake told the crowd, who gave minimal response. "I'ma take a drink real quick," he added as the failed attempt at making a funny soaked in.

"Nike turning 50 means LeBron [James] is gonna try to come and get you to play for the Lakers this year," he continued with the metaphors. "This is the year where you're going to walk in a restaurant and see Nike having red wine with Jared Dudley and Carmelo Anthony."

"When you put things into perspective. Adidas has Kanye, I think," the "In My Feelings" hitmaker then quipped, drawing laughter from the crowd. "Nike, we have LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis [Antetokounmpo], Michael Jordan. The greatest creative mind of all-time, Virgil Abloh, rest in peace. We have Cristiano Ronaldo. We have Serena Williams. We have Tiger [Woods]," he continued, before adding, "And I'm pretty sure Reebok has Tyga, so we're good."

Many were amused by Drake's joke about Kanye and Adidas, with one reminding him, "Kanye ain't bout to let that shade slide degrassi." Another commented, "Lmao 'I think,' " while a third fan admitted, "that was funny."

His joke aside, Drake was roasted after showing his love for Nike with his newest hairstyle. At the Thursday event, the 35-year-old rapper debuted a new look which featured a braid on either side of his head with a third one in the middle part of his scalp shaped to resemble the company's swoosh logo.

"I'm distracted by his hair," one person reacted to Drizzy's new hairstyle. Another enthused, "The face tat and hair combo are sending me to glory," while someone else chimed in, "This tight lil check mark in the crown of his head is making my crown itch..."

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