Madonna Bears Uncanny Resemblance to Faith Evans in This Look

The 64-year-old Queen of Pop successfully makes people do double take after she shares behind-the-scenes photo from a music video filming for her 'Hung Up' remix featuring Tokischa.

AceShowbiz - Madonna successfully made people do a double take when they saw her wearing a ginger-colored wig. Social media users believe that the 64-year-old "Like a Virgin" hitmaker looks like Faith Evans.

On Thursday, September 8, the Queen of Pop turned to her Instagram Story to share behind-the-scenes photo from a music video shoot for her "Hung Up" remix ft. Tokischa. In one photo, the "Material Girl" songstress could be seen sporting a rear-length red wig, featuring dark roots, over her pink-dyed natural short locks.

One social media user, @itsKARY_, quickly turned to Twitter to point out that Madonna, with that wig, looks really similar to Faith. "Scrolled too fast and thought this was Faith Evans," the said person tweeted.

It turned out that Kary wasn't the one who thought so. Another person chimed in, "Definitely giving faith vibes," while a separate Twitter user said, "NOT ME SCROLLING TOO FAST AND THOUGHT IT WAS FAITH EVANS CHILE. IT'S JUST GRANDONNA WITH AN ORANGE WIG." Someone else added, "I can see some resemblance on this picture!"

Others, in the meantime, ridiculed Madonna for her look. "Madonna needs to stop. Isn't she like 65? Why she look so young??" one person criticized. A different user added, "The fact this lady is closer to 70… but ppl mistook her for 49 yr old Faith Evans???"

Madge is known for her unique and brave fashion style. A few days prior to shooting the music video, she debuted a brand new "Alien" look as she bleached her eyebrows and her bright pink hair.

Then on Monday, September 5, Madonna filmed MV for her upcoming track with the Dominican raptress. However, the filming came to an unexpected halt as car speakers playing her song created "loudness and craziness" that apparently disturbed multiple neighbors.

The New York Police Department explained that at approximately 11:39 P.M. on Monday, they received "several" noise complaints at the location of the shoot. However, the police spokesperson noted that the "condition was corrected" and "no summonses were issued."

A separate source claimed that Madonna, Tokischa, the dancers and the film crew continued with the shoot somewhere else indoors after police left. It's said that it was the "La Isla Bonita" singer's idea to shoot the video in Washington Heights "surrounded by the culture" of Tokischa's Dominican roots since their song is part of the "Dembow" genre, which is popular in the Caribbean country.

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