'The Bachelorette' Recap: Rachel Blindsides Zach During Fantasy Suite Date

The new episode of the ABC dating show picks up right where things ended last night, with Erich trying to make Gabby feel guilty for having sex with other guys during her Fantasy Suite dates.

AceShowbiz - The Fantasy Suites of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's season of "The Bachelorette" continued in the Tuesday, September 6 episode. The episode picked up right where things ended last night, with Erich trying to make Gabby feel guilty for having sex with other guys during her Fantasy Suite dates.

"I kind of lost trust in us, and her. I got really in my head, and I wish I didn't," he said, adding, "I f**ked up." Needless to say, Gabby was disappointed. "I think your heart is in the right place," she said. "But I've, like, worked my a** off for there to be, like, no question on making good decisions." Erich then apologized to her, adding, "I just don't want to lose you at this point."

Gabby then went on a date with Jason, who previously claimed that he's not ready for an engagement. They had a tennis date and it went pretty well with them having fun and giggling non-stop throughout the date.

Despite that, Jason still hesitated about being engaged. "In the back of my mind, there is this big conversation tonight about the future for us outside of this," he said. Meanwhile, Gabby shared in her confessional, "I am truly falling in love with him. I know my feelings are really strong, and I can definitely see him at the end of this with me."

Gabby was shocked when Jason told her his feelings. "Obviously, I do know that I'm into you and when I'm with you I feel like I'm having some of the best days ever," Jason said. "I know what the expectation of this is for a lot of people is, like, being engaged and being fully in love. To me, to be like completely transparent and honest, I don't think I'm fully there yet."

Gabby, who was about to cry, then excused herself to vent to a producer. Jason later went to find Gabby to comfort her and ask her not to give up on them. "Today was a really special day, and a big step in our relationship," he told her. "It's something that we can really build on, and I'm excited for that if I can get the chance." While Gabby wasn't really convinced, they went to the Fantasy Suite.

The Fantasy Suite date seemingly didn't go well because Gabby said that she was "hurt" and "devastated" the next morning. "I was like, 'Maybe it's not meant to be,' " Gabby recalled. "And he was like, 'Yeah, definitely.' Like, when were you going to tell me that?" She then met Jason to end things with him. She went emotional as she said that both Johnny and Jason didn't really love her.

As for Rachel, she and Zach enjoyed their date together. The pair strolled through the town, perusing souvenir shops and sampling local cuisine. Rachel felt that her connection with Zach wasn't as strong as hers with Tino and Aven, but Zach believed that he's "the one that's going to be here at the end proposing to her." Eventually, Rachel and Zach headed off to their deluxe suite for an evening alone.

Things, however, were awkward in the next morning. "Fantasy Suite night with Rachel was not the night I expected," said Zach. "Rachel brought up her fear that maybe I'm not ready for a commitment like marriage at this early of an age." Even though Zach insisted that he's ready, Zach recalled, "She got really adamant, like, 'Are you ready? Are you sure?' Rachel's concern came out of nowhere, and I think it's bulls**t to be honest. She was putting on a front." After meeting host Jesse Palmer for some advice, Zach decided to tell Rachel that their Fantasy Suite conversation hurt him.

Jesse revealed that Gabby wouldn't join Rachel at the Rose Ceremony. When Rachel was about to hand out her first rose, Zach interrupted her as he wanted to have a conversation with her alone. It later cut to Gabby, who went to Erich in his room ahead of the Rose Ceremony.

"You've fought for me so much," she told Erich. "You have taught me that it's okay to feel safe and wanted and loved in maybe a way that I haven't [before]. And… you're the only one left." The two then shared a long embrace with Erich telling her that he loves her.

Viewers, however, were once again left with a cliffhanger. Fans have to wait for the next episode to find out what will happen next between Rachel and Zach as well as Gabby and Erich.

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