Chris Rock Dragged on Twitter for Joking About Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder
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The comedian, who was famously slapped by Oscar-winning actor Will Smith during the 2022 Academy Awards, comes under fire for saying 'very slappable things very often.'

AceShowbiz - Chris Rock has come under fire over his recent joke. The comedian found himself being dragged by many Twitter users after bringing up Nicole Brown Simpson's murder on his Sunday night, August 28 show in Phoenix.

The 47-year-old allegedly made the insensitive comments after revealing that he had been asked to host the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony. However, he turned down the offer, saying that going back to the event is like returning to a crime scene in the wake of Will Smith's infamous slap.

That's the time when Chris reportedly referenced the murder trial of O.J. Simpson, who was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole but later acquitted. During the trial, it was argued that her murder began with Nicole leaving a pair of glasses at an Italian restaurant. Chris said returning to the annual award show would be like asking Nicole "to go back to the restaurant."

Chris' remarks did not sit well with many online users. One person in particular argued, "Chris Rock is doing nothing but showing us exactly why Will slapped the taste outta his mouth. Looks like Chris could use a couple more, honestly." Another added, "Chris Rock is not a good person and says very slappable things very often."

A third opined, "like chris rock opens his mouth and instantly the slap not only makes sense, but seems like it wasn't enough." Someone else then chimed in, "I love how Chris Rock continues to prove how that slap was warranted! Will Smith wasn't wrong at all."

As for Will, he recently apologized again for slapping Chris at the March ceremony after the latter joked about Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head. In a video, the Oscar winner said he was "deeply remorseful" and claimed, "I've reached out to Chris and the message that came back is that he's not ready to talk and when he is, he will reach out. So I will say to you, Chris, 'I apologize to you.' My behavior was unacceptable and I'm here whenever you are ready to talk."

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