Ne-Yo Unveils How Jay-Z Helped Him Stop Questioning His 'Worth' and 'Value'

The 'One in a Million' crooner shares in a new interview with 'Drink Champs' that he didn't believe he's measuring up to his peers, but Hov reminded him that he has talents others don't.

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo has credited Jay-Z for his encouragement that made him realize he has talents others don't. The "One in a Million" hitmaker unveiled in a new interview how Hov helped him stop questioning his "worth" and "value" in the music industry.

When making an appearance on the latest episode of "Drink Champs" podcast, the "So Sick" crooner confessed, "There was a point where I was questioning my worth and my value in the game because I hadn't reached the level of some of my peers." He then shared how Jay-Z changed his viewpoint. "Jay-Z said to me, he was like, 'N***a, you will never not be alright because you can always write yourself out of whatever situation you're in. Regardless of what's going on with you, you can always write your way out.' "

" 'It's cats out here that couldn't write a song, that'll sing the s**t out of a song, but couldn't write a song if their life depended on it,' " Ne-Yo quoted Jay-Z. The R&B star added, " 'That person is dependent upon somebody to write a song for them.' "

Jay-Z let Ne-Yo know that because he has the talents that others need for their careers to survive, he will always have a legacy in the industry. Ne-Yo then admitted that he "took that s**t to heart," adding that Jay-Z "has always been that dude to me."

Ne-Yo has been making headlines for the past weeks due to his alleged infidelities. According to his estranged wife Crystal Smith, the "Miss Independent" singer cheated on her and fathered a child with another woman.

Crystal first exposed Ne-Yo for his alleged cheating habits in a lengthy Instagram post she posted late last month. "8 years. 8 years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and my husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected…every last one of them! To say I'm heartbroken and disgusted is a understatement," she lamented.

Crystal later filed for divorce from Ne-Yo on August 1. Citing that their marriage is "irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation," she added in her court documents that he "fathered a child with another woman." She listed the date of their separation as July 22. She went on to note that she has been taking the couple's three children since their split.

Amid the cheating allegations, Ne-Yo was spotted out and about with several ladies. In a video that circulated online earlier this week, the crooner was seen making an appearance with the three sexy ladies, who were just trying to strike a beautiful pose in front of what looks like a hotel.

Ne-Yo and Crystal got married in 2016. After calling it quits in early 2020, they reconciled. The crooner proposed to Crystal once again on New Year's Eve and eventually remarried in April on a rooftop of the new Resorts World complex in Las Vegas.

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