Wide-Eyed Wendy Williams Seen Walking Around in Robe With Dirty Bare Feet Amid Serious Health Issue

One day earlier, it's reported that the former host of 'The Wendy Williams Show' has been acting 'like Jekyll and Hyde' and showing bizarre behavior lately.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has sparked concern among her fans once again. In her new sighting, the former host of "The Wendy Williams Show" was spotted walking around in a robe with her dirty bare feet.

On Thursday, August 11, the 58-year-old TV personality was caught walking around the lobby of her building barefoot in a white Versace bathrobe. Her feet appeared dirty as she made her way across the floor. At one point, she looked surprised or caught off guard, standing with her mouth agape and her eyes opened wide.

The sighting came shortly after it's reported that Wendy's mood swings like a pendulum between morning and night lately. "People who deal with Wendy understand that you have to speak to her in the morning to have a productive conversation," one insider close to the star told The Sun.

"The Wendy you get in the morning is friendly, alert and coherent. The Wendy in the afternoon is not as nice of a person," the insider explained. It's also said that Wendy "is quick with you and will hang up on you if she doesn't like the way the conversation is going."

The so-called source went on to detail, "The conversations from the afternoon onward are generally unproductive, but in the morning, Wendy is a breeze," before noting that "it's like Jekyll and Hyde."

Wendy has been sparking concerns and bizarre behavior, including an odd marriage claim, since she took a months-long absence from "The Wendy Williams Show", which later led to her eponymous talk show being replaced with Sherri Shepherd's show "Sherri".

On August 9, the ailing gossip queen left her fans concerned after she looked frighteningly thin in a since-deleted clip she initially posted on her podcast Instagram account, @thewendyexperiencepodcast. In the said video, she promised her fans that she'll return soon. "Co-host, I'm famous and I'll be back. Trust me," she said to the camera.

One day earlier, Wendy was spotted stepping out alongside a man who identified himself as her manager. She shocked her fans with her dramatic transformation, looking thinner than ever before in photos surfacing online. She wore tiny shorts and a black T-shirt, showing off her extremely slim legs and arms. Her face also showed signs of dramatic weight loss, with her cheekbones on full display. In addition to looking unhealthy, she was reportedly slightly confused.

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