Lil Duval Defends Michael Blackson for Making Brittney Griner Sexual Joke
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The 'Meet the Blacks' actor takes to his Twitter account to seemingly respond to the Ghanaian-American comedian's controversial comment on the WNBA star, who recently was handed 9-year prison sentence for drug possession.

AceShowbiz - Lil Duval apparently weighed in on Michael Blackson's controversial comment on WNBA star Brittney Griner, who recently was handed 9-year prison sentence for drug possession. In a new tweet, Duval appeared to call out fake woke people on social media.

"we can say the exact same thing on stage and everybody laughs but on social media (where everybody is mostly unhappy)," the "Meet the Blacks" actor wrote on Twitter on Friday, August 12. "it's like y'all choose to be offended."

"The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2" star got mixed responses for his post. Some people seemed to agree with him as someone wrote in an Instagram comment, "In 2022…can't say it anywhere." Another one added, "He ain't lying tho!" A user also said, "That's real. People live 2 lives, social media and reality."

However, some others thought that Michael's sexual joke about Brittney was simply offensive and unnecessary. "That joke was out of pocket and disrespectful point blank," a person noted. Echoing the sentiment, someone said, "She has a wife to top it off, it was absolutely unnecessary idc." One other, meanwhile, insisted, "THIS NOT A COMEDY SHOW TF."

While Duval didn't name-drop anyone in his tweet, he seemingly responded to the backlash surrounding Michael's post about Brittney. The Ghanaian-American comedian wrote on the blue bird app, "When Brittany Griner get out I want to be the first one to give her some deek."

The backlash was immediate. "Very weird," a person replied to Michael. Another user, on the other hand, told the comic, "There's still time to delete this."

Michael defended himself following the criticism in a follow-up post. Hinting at his friendship with the athlete, he wrote, "BG is my homie and she has a great sense of humor, met her 5 yrs ago and we've been cool since. I know she's getting out soon that's why I'm joking so ya need to stfu Modasuckas."

In the post, he shared a screenshot of his Instagram DMs with Brittney which dated back to May 2017. "Hey modasucka send me the pic we took," he wrote to Brittney, who replied with a picture of them together while adding, "Lol [laughing emojis]."

He later warned Brittney about his caption, saying, "Imma post it if u hate my caption let me know and I'll delete or change it but you know how I roll lol." To that, Brittney responded, "It's all good! Lol."

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