Cardi B Earns Praises After Flaunting Her Long, Natural Hair in New TikTok Video

The Grammy-winning female emcee makes use of the video-sharing platform to show off her incredibly long and shiny natural hair after styling it stick straight in a new post.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B stunned her TikTok followers with a new sassy video on the platform. The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker showed off her incredibly long and shiny natural hair after styling it stick straight in a video that she posted on Thursday, August 11.

The clip opened with Cardi posing while rocking her huge head full of wavy curls. She looked casual in a white crop top and black shorts before showing off a huge hair transformation. After turning around, Cardi switched her look as she flaunted her silky, raven tresses. She traded her casual outfit with an all-black wardrobe as she ran her fingers through her stunning hair.

"I beem using secret vegetable water on my hair….can you guess which vegetable is it?" Cardi wrote in the caption, adding, "....heres a clue,I did a tutorial on it about 6 years ago." Cardi also took to her Instagram account to share a video of her long, shiny hair. "My hair. No tape ins," she wrote over the clip.

Fans were impressed by Cardi's hair. One of them wrote, "She got the prettiest natural hair." Another person even suggested, "She definitely should start her own hair company called Barty growth." A comment also read, "Your Afro is fire and the new look is amazing too."

Some others, meanwhile, noticed that the Grammy-winning raptress bore some resemblance to Aaliyah with her straight hair. "The look Aaliyah had on 106 & park right before she passed," one user said. Echoing the sentiment, another fan added, "Serving Aaliyah….You look so good and your hair is long and healthy."

However, a user appeared to think that Cardi's stunning hair is a given considering her wealth. "Y'all keep calm…the difference is she has money to buy all those things to keep her hair up now, on top of having pros constantly maintaining her hair," the user wrote.

Back in November, Cardi took to Instagram to pay tribute to her hair growth journey. "Since I was a child I have problems with managing my hair and a couple years ago I find different methods that work for me and look at my length now," she wrote at the time. "They'll try to make us believe our hair won't grow this long it's not true."

She continued, "A lot of hair products we used back then wasn't good for our hair but that's all we had to choose from also we couldn't afford to get to the salon regularly, if at all. Now everybody is getting better options, making affordable GOOD products, learning from natural hair YouTube and TikTok about how to care for our hair better." She added, "I want women of color with tighter curl patterns to know that you don't have 'BAD HAIR' there's no such thing as bad hair. And 'good' hair don't mean a certain texture. ALL HAIR IS GOOD."

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