YK Osiris Speaks Against Unprotected Sex: It's Nasty and Disgusting
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The 'Valentine' singer starts an online discussion about sexual hygiene as he asks if people think it's 'weird' if he refuses to have sex without wearing a condom.

AceShowbiz - YK Osiris thinks it's better be safe than sorry when it comes to physical intimacy. The R&B singer has shed a positive light on sexual hygiene as he spoke against having an intercourse without wearing a condom.

The 23-year-old took to his Instagram Story on Monday, August 8 to share his random thought on the matter. "Listen, do y'all think it's weird? I do not have casual sex without a condom or get a head without a condom," he said while getting shirtless in a video.

"I feel like it's nasty, I feel like it's disgusting," the young hip-hop star added, before asking others' opinion, "Do y'all think it's weird? I don't know." He went on admitting in another Story, "I be scared asf smh" if he has unprotected sex.

Many have given their two cents on the matter in the comments of the video, which was reposted on Hollywood Unlocked and The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram accounts. Agreeing with YK Osiris, one person commented, "I agree 100%."

Another responded to the question posed by YK Osiris, "No it's not weird… Stay safe!" A third commented, "That's good. Safety first!!!" Another weighed in, "It's true. Lmao unless u been with that person for a long time. It's really nasty to do it raw with just anyone."

Someone praised YK Osiris for "leading from the front." Another described such decision as an act of "Self love," while another raved, "These the post that needs to go viral in a positive light."

When he's not talking about sexual hygiene, YK Osiris recently made use of his social media account to shoot his shot with Lizzo. In late July, the Jacksonville-born star sent a flirty message to the Grammy Award-winning raptress via his Instagram Story.

In a video, the "Valentine" singer posted a video which saw him lying in bed. He cleared his throat and said, "What's up Lizzo, I just wanted to say hey." He praised Lizzo's physique, calling her "beautiful black queen."

He then claimed that he didn't want to overdo his approach before urging the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker, "Check your DM though, alright." He tagged @lizzobeeating with a rose and heart emoji on the video.

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