Katy Perry Mocked for Throwing Pizza Slices Into Crowd at Club Amid COVID Scare
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The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker faces backlash on social media after a video that sees her trying to feed the inebriated masses at a Las Vegas nightclub goes viral.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry's attempt to feed the crowd at a Las Vegas nightclub apparently doesn't sit well with critics. The "Dark Horse" hitmaker has been criticized for throwing pizza slices into the inebriated masses amid COVID-19 scare.

In a video that went viral, the "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" singer hilariously flung slices of fresh pizza directly from the box into a crowd of energized attendees who tried their best to grab the piping-hot treat. The Grammy-winning artist mixed up her pizza-tossing methods, choosing sometimes to throw them directly into the audience without a paper plate or napkin.

As Katy wore no sterile utensils, social media critics were quick to slam the fiancee of Orlando Bloom. "It's too many viruses and diseases going around for this," one concerned Instagram user commented after The Neighborhood Talk shared the clip. A second noted, "uh uh ion like it," adding a nauseated face emoji.

Others, in the meantime, were concerned about the tomato sauce getting on people's outfit. "I be pissed if tomato sauce got on my outfit," one person pointed out, while another chimed in, "U gonna ruin their clothes, katy."

"Fawk no! All them hands touching it b4 u get ya hands on it.. No thank u," someone else added. A separate social media critic simply noted, "SICK AND GOOFY." Another criticized, "Ew. Again, WHY. Just cause u know ur fans love u and will accept this s**t don't mean u should do it. Have some class ugh. that pizza was going right back at her face."

However, the moment delighted Twitter users, with one sharing, "Imagine getting slapped in the face by a slice of pie from Katie." Another joked, "oh to be slapped in the face with katy perry's pizza."

"The way my drunk feral a** would 100% be eating that pizza off the nasty a** club floor if Katy Perry threw it at me," tweeted a third. Someone else even said that "I would do anything for Katy Perry to slap me in the face with pizza."

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