Lil Baby's BM Blames Him for Giving Her 'Emotional Scars' that Ruin Her Current Love Life

Ayesha Howard, who goes by the name of Little Ms. Golden, put the blame on the 'Do We Have A Problem?' spitter for being the reason she doesn't open up to men.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby's first baby mama has once again called the rapper out on social media. This time, Ayesha Howard, who goes by the name of Little Ms. Golden, blamed the "Do We Have A Problem?" rapper for giving her "emotional scars" that ruin her current love life.

"My Babydaddy f**ked me up, he's the reason I don't tap in emotionally when I deal with men," Ayesha argued on Twitter. "I never want to feel that type pain and betrayal again so I've shut down on everybody even people who probably really love me."

Ayesha, went on to lament, "I'm literally losing my favorite n***a cause he said I'm not affectionate." She further explained, "I'm just trying to protect my heart tho."

Upon learning of Ayesha's tweets, many Twitter users assumed that she was still in love with the "Drip Too Hard" hitmaker. The mother of Jason, however, didn't was quick to shut the rumors down.

"Don't come on my twitter trying to tell me nothing about me and a N***a y'all only know through your stereo air waves!! Don't start being weird!" she stressed. "You don't have to still be in love with someone to still suffer emotional scars and trauma from the experience! Stop saying I'm not over my past because I am, but a b***h still waiting to exhale."

Back in 2020, Ayesha claimed that she and their son Jason were forced to ride in ubers to commute because Baby refused to give her a car. Highlighting how dangerous it could be for her and the four-year-old boy to be with strangers amid COVID-19 pandemic, she said, "We're pretty much putting ourselves in a position to actually catch COVID-19 from one of our drivers who possibly had it because they've been driving around people all day."

Ayesha also denied blowing Baby up for a car. However, she did admit that she reached out to the rapper when her car "really went bad, and we needed that car that he had been promising us for two years that he, by the way, never gives to us."

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