Sukihana Confirms Split From Kill Bill: 'I'm Single Now'

When revealing her relationship status, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' star admits that 'being in a public relationship' in the music industry can 'hinder [her] career.'

AceShowbiz - Sukihana is no longer dating Kill Bill. The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star, who has dated the "Dream Eater" rapper on-and-off, declared in a new interview that she is "single now."

The 30-year-old made the revelation after the interviewer asked her how it feels to date in the public eye. "Honestly, being in a public relationship as long as you love somebody, as a woman in this industry, can hinder your career," she explained.

Sukihana, whose real name is Destiny Henderson, went on to note, "But at the end of the day life is about sacrifices." She added, "I'm single now, but if I'm in one [relationship], I don't care, 'cause I know I love that person so Imma make a way to love that person and still chase my dreams."

Sukihana confirmed she was dating Bill in March 2020. However, it was believed that the now-exes had been together since late 2019. Bill then proposed to Sukihana in September that year, before she hinted that they split four months later. They got back together not long after that.

In September 2021, Sukihana announced that she called off their engagement. "It hurts me that I have to walk away from my engagement and the people I love but i have to do what's best for me and my happiness, kids and dreams. I really wish him the best I hope he doesn't get hurt go to jail or get killed but I can't stop it anymore," she stated on Instagram.

"I've been here for him but he's hurting my family my career and everything I've worked for. I'm not in competition with you I would never put you down to make myself look better something that you've done to me," the TV personality added. "I love you when you didn't have anything and told vh1 if you don't bring him you can't have me I don't care what y'all think about him he's a good person in my eyes and I love him."

"When no one would answer his phone calls when he was locked up I got him home not one of them put up a dollar," she went on recalling. "They came around stunting on him I told him you are amazing I taught him how to pray and talk to God I made him write his dreams down and we accomplished every one of them That is called a real friend and your supposed to cherish friendships like mines."

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