Elle Fanning Weighs In on the Danger of Instagram for Young People and Their Mental Health

While admitting that she can't help but compare herself to others on the app, the 24-year-old actress believes constant exposure to 'fake' imagery is taking a toll on young people's mental health.

AceShowbiz - Elle Fanning can't help comparing herself to other people on Instagram. Aware that the social media platform features images of "unattainable beauty," the 24-year-old actress shared her belief that the constant exposure to "fake" imagery is taking a toll on young people's mental health.

"Social media is even more of a thing now than it was then. The comparative nature of it, the striving towards certain beauty standards…," she said. "I'm still on Instagram all the time, looking at all these images of other girls and comparing myself."

"A lot of these images are fake, doctored or very well curated, so you can go down this rabbit hole of unattainable beauty, trending body shapes, what's in and out of style," she went on sharing her thoughts. "That constant comparing can be so damaging to young people and their mental health."

"The Great" actress has set up a production company, Lewellen Pictures, with her older sister Dakota Fanning and she thinks their different natures complement each other well. She told the i newspaper, "There are home videos of us creating intricate, elaborate scenarios and dressing up. We didn't care about people watching us - it was for ourselves and our favorite thing to do when we were young."

"Now we talk about the same things - we just don't fight over clothes so much," she added. "Dakota's very observant, she has a photographic memory and did amazing in school. She's very booksmart, logical and intelligent… I'm a bit more 'wooo' and up in the clouds, but she can interpret that for me."

Elle recently consulted a psychic and was surprised at how accurate the reading was. She admitted, "I talked to a psychic recently over the phone, using a different name so she didn't know who I was. She was like, 'Are you an actor? That's what you need to be.' I'm glad I'm fulfilling my destiny. Isn't it crazy?"

"I did it for fun, but a lot of things that they said have actually come true in a way," she continued gushing. "I'm not huge into astrology, although I know I'm an Aries, which is me in a nutshell: hard-headed, fiery, outgoing, laughs a ton, but has a hard, angry streak."

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