Macy Gray Claps Back at Critics Sending Her Threats After Her Anti-Trans Comments
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The 'I Try' hitmaker claims to have received threats and being called 'names' on her social media page after speaking out her thoughts on trans issue, telling the haters to 'fk off.'

AceShowbiz - Macy Gray has had enough of being cyber-bullied after speaking out her view on trans issue. After clarifying her controversial comment about how trans women shouldn't be called women "just because you got a surgery," the music icon has clapped back at the critics.

Taking to her Instagram page on Wednesday, July 6, the Grammy Award-winning musician claimed she has received threats in the wake of her anti-trans comments. "All of you coming on my page, threatening me and calling me names - just because I said something you don't agree with," she vented out her frustration, before telling the haters, "- be whatever you wana be, and fk off."

Macy sparked a flurry of criticism after saying that undergoing a surgery doesn't necessarily make someone a woman. "I will say this and everybody's gonna hate me but - as a woman - just because you go change your parts, it doesn't make you a woman, sorry," she said during an appearance on "Piers Morgan Uncensored". "I know that for a fact. A woman is a human being with boobs. How about you start there? And have a vagina!"

"You want me to call you a 'her,' I will, Because that's what you want but that doesn't make you a woman just because I call you a 'her' and just because you got surgery," she went on reasoning. "I don't think you should be called transphobic just because you don't agree."

The 54-year-old added, "There is a lot of judgement and throwing stones at people for just saying what it is. Do you know what I mean? A woman goes through a completely unique experience and surgery and finding oneself doesn't change that. Being a little girl is a whole epic book, you know? You can't have that just because you want to be a woman!"

Macy later seemingly defended her comments as she responded to a critic on Twitter with, "Truth hurts." She, however, later claimed her comments were "grossly misunderstood." She tweeted on Tuesday, "i got nothing but love for lgbt+ and transgender communities. i've been a supporter since day one and never a fake one. my statement on piers morgan was GROSSLY misunderstood. i respect everyone's right to be whoever they wana b."

J.K. Rowling, meanwhile, came to her defense via the micro-blogging site. The "Harry Potter" author shared a screenshot of Macy's response to a trans broadcaster's claim that the singer is going to "kill what's left of your career" with her controversial comments. The author then captioned it, "Today feels like a good day to ensure I've bought @MacyGraysLife's entire back catalogue."

The British author, who has also been accused of transphobia for months, also re-tweeted Stephen Knight's post. In the post, the podcast co-host argued, "Bette Midler and Macy Gray aren't receiving pushback because they said something hateful or inaccurate. They are being demonized as heretics for rejecting the dogmas of a new religion. This is how blasphemy law works the digital era."

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