Summer Walker Accused of Lying After Claiming They Don't Have Facial Fillers

The 26-year-old RnB singer, who has quietly changed their pronouns to 'they/them', faces criticism after insisting that they did not take any procedure to improve their facial appearance.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has let everyone know that they don't have facial fillers. However, the singer's claim has backfired as some online users accused them of lying for denying she had undergone the cosmetic procedure.

The 26-year-old musician, who quietly changed their pronouns to "they/them", recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram Story. In the caption, they wrote, "It's the fact that I don't have no fillers my cheek bones just high as hell , I can really see how people think I have that stuff tho."

The post was then re-shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, prompting one person to comment, "Summer pleaseeee enough is enough cause you didn't look like that before period." Another lamented, "Celebrities lie for no reason."

A third noted, "Summer…. You changed your nose… but ok." Someone else penned, "Ion get why these people even bother lying just accept the fact you have fans that pays attention," while a different individual insisted, "She does have em tho lol."

The criticism did not stop there. More came forward with one writing, "Why these celebrities and public figures be lying bout what they did or didn't have done???" One Instagram user, meanwhile, quipped, "Them fillers travel right to the brain chile."

This was not the first for Summer, who is currently expecting their second child, defended themselves against trolls criticizing their appearance. In March, the "Still Over It" artist slammed critics who called them a "slave" over her outfit during a grocery shopping.

At that time, the Atlanta native shared a screenshot of tweets defending her style. "Y'all making fun of black women publicly practicing traditionally afrikan religions will NEVER sit right with me. Especially when y'all don't know what tf y'all talking bout or playin with," the first post read.

"Like this s**t not funny at all," the message continued. "Y'all eat lightskin boho crystal deodorant incense n tarot cards b***hes up daily but when a dark skin woman is dressed for actual ceremony she's a slave? PLS."

In the caption of her own post, Summer fumed, "who's the clown, the ones trying to reconnect to STOLEN practices ? or the ones who can't see the importance of their own culture ?" She then explained, "also i know yawos aren't supposed to post themselves but i got blessings from my godparents to post myself for work."

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