Wendy Williams' Fans Enraged as Her Show's YouTube Channel Disappears After Its Conclusion

Fans of 'The Wendy Williams Show' accuse producers of trying to erase Wendy's legacy after the official YouTube channel as well as websites of the canceled series have seemingly been deleted.

AceShowbiz - "The Wendy Williams Show" doesn't only stop airing on television, but fans can no longer re-watch old episodes of the show on YouTube. As if canceling and replacing it with "Sherri" isn't hurting enough, fans are further devastated to learn that the official YouTube channel as well as websites of Wendy Williams' former talk show have disappeared.

On Monday, July 4, Variety reported that the show's YouTube channel as well as the official websites for Wendy Williams Productions and the program are no longer accessible. Searches for the channel through YouTube and various search engines yield no results, making hundreds of hours of clips and features from the series unavailable to view online.

Meanwhile, .com domains such as "wendywilliamsproductions" and "wendyshow", which had previously hosted official resources for the production company and the talk show, respectively, no longer direct to their previous pages. "Wendywilliamsproductions" is listed as available under a Go Daddy auction, while "wendyshow" pulls up a DNS error.

This unsurprisingly has sparked fury among fans of Wendy, with one alleging, "They are trying to erase [her] legacy right in front of our eyes." The upset fan added, "They know her YouTube channel is our last memory of her iconic talk show. There is no good reason for her to delete her channel."

Another person pointed out, "Deleting the Wendy Williams YouTube channel is a huge loss of residual ad money for YEARS to come for any involved parties. What an absolutely insane decision." A third enthused, "I'm calling on the United States Congress to mount a full-scale inquiry into the deletion of The Wendy Williams Show YouTube page."

"Canceling wendy williams show is a thing but to remove all her episodes and delete the show's channel from youtube is a whole 'nother thing!!!! i'm so angry rn," another social media user penned. A fifth person tweeted, "Not them taking Wendy Williams YouTube channel down I'm sick."

"The Wendy Williams Show" was canceled earlier this year after Wendy took an indefinite leave of absence from the show due to various medical issues since 2021. The show aired its last episode on June 17, with guest host Sherri Shepherd paying tribute to Wendy. The former "The View" co-host has also been tapped to take over "The Wendy Williams Show" slot with her own eponymous talk show beginning in the 2022-2023 season.

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