Luke Combs Gets Candid About His Lifelong Struggles With Weight, Claims 'It's So Hard' to Trim Down

When discussing the matter with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the country star admits that he fears that his weight will cause problems within 15 or so years.

AceShowbiz - Luke Combs has gotten candid about his lifelong struggles with weight. When discussing the matter with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the country star claimed that "it's so hard" for him to trim down.

"It was always something that's bugged me… especially when you're younger," the 32-year-old said. "You're like, 'Man, I just got a horrible genetic dice roll on this thing.' You start to realize that almost even more when you're older and it's like, not that I don't pig out because I do pig out."

"I'm not trying to say it's not my fault because it is in a lot of ways. But also, I got to this point where I'm like, man, I'd really love to trim down," the Charlotte-born artist further elaborated. "And it's so hard for me to do that."

Luke compared it to smoking addiction, saying that he feels as though food is a drug. "I don't need a cigarette to be alive. But I need food to be alive," he said. "It's like, you would literally die without food. And so that's what makes it such a difficult thing."

Luke admitted that he has dealt with the issue for years. However, he began to reevaluate things after welcoming his first child with wife Nicole on June 19. "This having a kid thing has really messed up my head on this thing in the best way," he confesse. "I want to be around, dude. Do you know what I mean?"

Though his cholesterol and blood pressure are "fine" at the moment, Luke fears that they will get worse within 15 or so years. "I want my thing to continually become better overall. The show, the songs, the everything," he said. "I feel like sometimes I go in, I'm like, 'Man, I don't want people to think of me in this way where it's like, this guy doesn't care about himself.' "

"And I know not that anybody does, that's another OCD thing where you're like- ... what's everybody, what are they going to think? And so it's something that I've definitely struggled with," he continued. "But it's also something that I just am also really comfortable in my own skin as well."

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