Wendy Williams Reveals Lymphedema Reduces Feeling in Her Feet to Only '5 Percent'

The former daytime talk show host shows her swollen foot in an interview as she talks about how her condition has progressed since stepping down from her eponymous show.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is coming clean about her health, months after being away from the spotlight due to her health issues. In a new interview, the former "The Wendy Williams Show" host talked about her struggle with lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in an arm or leg due to a lymphatic system blockage.

"You know I have lymphedema, you know what that is, correct?" the 57-year-old asked Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere of TMZ during the interview, which was released on Tuesday, June 28. When the two hosts admitted they were not familiar with the illness, she began explaining, "All right, you don't know lymphedema? All right, I'll show you."

"Ok, lymphedema is this. Do you see this right here? Look. No, look closely," she said while lifting up what appeared to be a very swollen foot as a result of the disease. She went on revealing, "Do you see this? [My foot] is up and down. I can only feel maybe five percent of my feet, do you understand?"

Despite losing much of the sensory ability in her feet, Wendy assured she doesn't need a wheelchair and can stand up on her own. "Which means, normally, I would be in a wheelchair," she shared. "I'm not in a wheelchair. I stand up." When talking about her overall physical condition, she quipped, "Better than you."

During the interview, Wendy also confirmed that she's "100 percent retired" from her daily TV show. "Excuse me, I am 100 percent retired in 'The Wendy Williams Show', and I do not want to be on TV except for guest hosting," she declared.

Sharing her plans to start a podcast, the book author claimed, "When you're famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing 'The Wendy Williams Show'." She added, "So, podcasts. Where will I go? I'm not sure. Europe, you know. France. Wherever I want to go," teasing that she has been in talks with some famous stars to appear as guests. However, no date is set just yet for her planned podcast show.

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