Naomi Osaka Ridiculed Over 'Vulgar' Name of Her New Company With LeBron James

The 24-year-old tennis player names her new media company 'Hana Kuma', which means 'Flower Bear' in Japanese, but it doesn't sit well with Swahili speakers.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Osaka might need to do more research before naming her company. Recently, the tennis pro player landed in hot water over the "vulgar" name of her media company with LeBron James called "Hana Kuma".

The 24-year-old, who was born in Japan, announced her new venture via Twitter and Instagram. "I've built my career taking a different approach than those around me and because my journey has been so different it's opened my eyes to all the incredible stories out there that aren't getting told," she first penned.

"Stories that are global, about a variety of cultures and points of view, about important social issues. That's why I'm launching Hana Kuma, a media platform focused on stories that are culturally specific but universal," she added. "Stories that are bold and playful like me."

"I'm incredibly proud to be building a business that is a true reflection of me and I couldn't think of a better partner than @kingjames to do this," the athlete continued. "I'm so excited to do this with him, @mavcarter, @stu_duguid, @uninterrupted, and @makespringhill. Can't wait to share our stories."

LeBron, meanwhile, wrote on his Twitter account, "There's reason we call ourselves an Empowerment Company. This incredible woman and the stories she is going to bring to life is EXACTLY what we about!!!" He added, "Incredibly proud to call her my partner. @naomiosaka @makespringhill #MoreThananAthlete."

Naomi divulged that "Hana Kuma" means "Flower Bear" in Japanese. However, in Swahili, it means "woman with no vagina." Unsurprisingly, many people ridiculed the four-time Grand Slam singles champion on Twitter.

"Did they do a global search on what the name means?” one person in particular questioned. "She should have been well advised [that] it has a very vulgar meaning in Swahili which is spoken by many people."

Another argued, "Amazing the lack of research. Lots of money but that brand won't fly in Africa. Let it stay in America and Japan. It's offensive. Do you even have a clue what it means? Get rid of your ego and change the name. God forgive your ignorance."

A third then chimed in, "If you keep the name #hanakuma, the name will override the news and the stories you wish to share. The name of the brand is already news!" The individual continued, "I suggest a change and also, just being a bit respectful to global culture. It's not overthinking here, it's protecting a brand!"

Naomi and LeBron have yet to respond to the backlash.

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