Leslie Jordan Admits to Mistaking Lady GaGa for an Extra on 'American Horror Story'

Recalling on his first meeting with the 'Poker Face' hitmaker on the anthology series' set, the 'Call Me Kat' actor reveals that people around him could tell he was clueless about who she is.

AceShowbiz - Leslie Jordan didn't realize who Lady GaGa was when he worked with her on "American Horror Story". The 67-year-old actor, who has played multiple roles on the anthology series during its ten-year run, assumed the pop superstar was "an extra" when she was introduced to him on set by her real name of Stefani Germanotta.

"The first day, I showed up and there was a girl standing there and they said, 'Leslie, have you met Stefani?' And I thought she was maybe an extra," Leslie recalled. "I didn't know who she was. [I said] 'Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard.'"

The Emmy Award-winning actor then joked that those around him could tell he was clueless and when he was made aware that he was in fact in the presence of the "Poker Face" hitmaker, he realized she was "adorable."

Speaking on "Trailblazers Radio with Fancy Hagood", he said, "They could tell I didn't know! They go, 'Leslie, that's GaGa.' I go, 'Huh-uh.' They said, 'Yes, it's GaGa.' And she was just adorable!"

The "Will & Grace" star previously spoke about getting to work with the "Bad Romance" songstress, who played evil Countess Elizabeth on the series, and revealed that she told him she "tends to sexualize" all of her scene partners.

He said, "We had a scene where she was gonna blow fairy dust in my face, and then knock me down, and blind me, chase me, and then roll me over, kick me," he said. "She took me in the woods right before we shot, and she said, 'You know, I tend to sexualize all my acting partners.'"

"I thought, 'Where's this going?' Well, honey, she kicked me, rolled me over, and got down on me and started riding me…," he continued dishing. "I didn't know what I was supposed to do! I just laid there and thought, 'How do I get myself into these situations?!'"

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