A$AP Rocky Defends Wearing Women's Clothing: 'I Feel More Tough'

Slamming the double standard about men wearing 'feminine' pieces, the 'L$D' hitmaker admits in an interview, 'When I shop, I go to the women's section to find good pieces.'

AceShowbiz - A$AP Rocky is one of the faces of male celebrities who are defying the standard of what men should wear. Having shown his bold styles by wearing women's clothing, the rapper has defended his choice to wear kilts and other "feminine" pieces.

In a conversation with Jerrod Carmichael for Interview Magazine, the new father slammed the double standard that exists when men wear dresses, skirts and kilts among others. "It's dope because it plays with expectations," he said. "My girl could wear all of my clothes and get away with it."

Rocky admitted, "When I shop, I go to the women's section to find good pieces, because I know that no other guys will have them. The Gucci North Face coats, the bubble jackets, those were all for females. That's why you never saw no other guys walking around in them."

The New York City native stated that wearing women's clothes helps boost his confidence. "Another thing with the kilts is, I feel more badass when I'm in a kilt. I feel more tough, if that makes any sense. I feel like you should wear what you want. It's punk," he said.

During the conversation, Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, also looked back to the time when he and A$AP Lou found A$AP Yams' unresponsive body in his Brooklyn apartment on January 18, 2015.

"Yo, no bulls**t. The day Yams died, me and Lou found him and he wasn't responsive," he recalled when discussing how to find humor in the darker moments of life. "We ran to the kitchen to get water, ice, s**t like that."

The father of one said the irony unfolded like a cartoon. "I'm at the sink pouring water, and I look down the hall and see Lou running to help me grab some ice to wake Yams up," he went on sharing. "It was like a cartoon - my man tripped and slid down the hall on a carpet like Aladdin, bro. He went from the living room and slid all the way to the kitchen. I'm literally dying crying, but I'm crying from laughing, and I'm crying 'cause Yams is dead."

While he now manages to see the humor in it, Rocky previously opened up on how traumatizing the moment was. "I just look at his face. I look at Lou. You could just tell. We knew," he told The New York Times in 2015. "I was scared. I was wilding on everybody, like, 'Who let him do drugs?' Even though you can't blame nobody."

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