DaniLeigh's Brother Brandon Responds to Backlash Over Their 'Weird' Dancing Video

The 'Look at They Faces' spitter comes under fire for looking at his sister twerking in the TikTok video, but he insists that he is not 'even looking at her on some sexy s**t.'

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh's brother has responded to backlash over their recent dancing video. Having been slammed for how he looked at his sister twerking, Brandon Bills took to social media to fire back at trolls, insisting there's nothing "weird" about it.

Brandon offered his two cents via Instagram Story. "I wake up to everybody tagging me on the blogs and stuff," he said. "Honestly, like, that's my sister. I see y'all trying to break that bond and s**t but y'all can't break it. At the end of the day, my whole family dance like that."

"As you can see in the video, I wasn't even looking at her on some sexy s**t. I was kinda like, what the f**k. You know what I'm sayin'? Like, it was supposed to be fun. It was a TikTok," the musical artist further explained. "I mean, yeah, what can I say We wasn't doing no weird s**t, you feel me?"

In the said clip which was shared on TikTok, Brandon pretended to be shocked when Dani was twerking next to him. It prompted one Instagram user to ask, "Why is he looking at his sister twerk I'm [confused]." Another commented, "That's weird. His brother is giving 'Situation would've been different if she weren't my sister' vibes." A third added, "Kinda weird ngl."

Others, meanwhile, made a reference to his infamous altercation with Dani's ex and baby daddy, DaBaby. "Now I know why he was so mad at Dababy. Took he's girl," one person said, while someone else chimed in, "N***a faught Dababy cause he was jealous."

The bowling alley brawl took place in February. Despite getting beaten up by the "ROCKSTAR" hitmaker, Brandon declared in April that he has never been cooperating with police in investigation regarding the case so the North Carolina emcee won't be put in jail.

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