Doja Cat Cautions Fans of 'Some Bad News' After Undergoing Surgery for Infected Tonsil

In a series of tweets, the 'Kiss Me More' hitmaker shares gory details of how she developed abscess in her left tonsil and is now forced to give up her vape.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat may have "some bad news" for her fans. The rapper/singer has revealed that she recently infected her left tonsil so bad that doctor had to cut into it to remove "pus" and "goop" from it and she's now forced to stop smoking vape.

The 26-year-old took to her Twitter account on Thursday, May 19 to inform fans about her health issue. "dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil. i had an abscess in it. my whole throat is f**ked so i might have some bad news for yall coming soon," she began sharing.

Giving away details of how her infected tonsil got worse, Doja continued, "nah so my tonsils got infected before bbmas and i was taking f**kin antibiotics but forgot that i was taking them and then i drank wine and was vaping all day long and then i started getting a nasty a** growth on my tonsil so they had to do surgery on it today."

"he poked up in dere with a needle twice and then sucked all the juice out and then he took a sharp thing and cut it in two places and squoze all the goop out in dere. i cried and it hurt a lot but im ok," she assured her fans.

Not stopping there, the "Say So" hitmaker shared gory details of how bad her infected tonsil was. She wrote, "and then all the pus and the goop and the guck was oozing and there was poop in there and the poop was s**tting out of my big inflamed throat pimple and it was squirting and there was poop POOP N SQUIRTING BLOOD AND CUM AND PISS."

When one follower asked if she plans to remove her tonsils, Doja replied, "ima try and get em removed for sure very soon." She also announced, "im quitting the vape for a while and hopefully i dont crave it anymore after that."

On how her smoking habit exacerbated her condition before the surgery, Doja divulged, "then its like imagine all that wierd poisonous s**t in the vape seeping into the completely open wound in my throat like f**k that. im hella young."

She, however, refused to follow a fan's advice to throw her vape altogether. "Throwing them away just instills panic. I'm addicted but I'm not weak," she explained. "I was literally staring at my vape today that normally i'd hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead. I'ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully my brain doesn't need it at all by then."

Doja Cat's Tweets

Doja Cat shared gory details of her infected tonsil.

She later thanked her fans for their supportive messages. "yall bout to make me cry with all the reassurance. i appreciate it. thanks for being supportive. i love you," she tweeted.

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