Kendrick Lamar Under Fire for Featuring Kodak Black on New Album Despite His Sexual Assault History

K-Dot and the 24-year-old Pompano Beach rapper team up for 'Silent Hill', which serves as one of the tracks off the former's long-awaited album, 'Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers'.

AceShowbiz - Kendrick Lamar's fans are clearly excited for the arrival of his new album, "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers". However, some Internet users are disappointed upon learning of Kodak Black's feature on the new project due to his history with sexual assault.

The disappointed fans expressed their anger on Twitter. "kendrick put kodak black onna whole project but wanna rap about sexual assault awareness ? what is going on son," one person tweeted, while another penned, "A Kodak Black collab in 2022 is fr embarassing."

A third individual asked, "n***as ain't gon ever leave rapist off their songs huh?" A different user wrote, "Y'all were wondering how [R. Kelly] got away with everything he's done for so long, and now y'all get hyped about Kodak being on Kendrick's album. Very interesting. Y'all always swear to be/do better than the older generation, but nope."

"Kendrick used to be my favorite artist but this is lowkey unforgivable," one other person argued. "Kodak isn't even a buzzing artist right now so the collab wasn't needed to push album sales. So…what was the reason?"

Kendrick and Kodak team up for "Silent Hill". It's not the only "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers" track that caused a controversy. Some people also took issue with "Auntie Diaries", in which the 34-year-old raps about his transgender relatives.

One of those who have mixed feelings about the song was Preston Mitchum, director of advocacy and governmental affairs at the Trevor Project, a nonprofit that works to prevent suicide among LGBTQ young people. He tweeted, "I'm thankful he spoke in favor of love & acceptance of trans sibs -- even after admitting what society did to them first. The [slur] threw me off because it isn't his word to use. But that's his point at the end."

Another rhetorically asked, "So the discourse today if *look over' non queer people are allowed to use slurs directed towards queer people if it's dealing with art?" A third critic pointed out, "Kendrick Lamar can show his support for the lgbtq community and his trans relative without saying slut thx." Someone else said, "kendrick lamar saying the f slur and being homophobic and transphobic is just another reason why I rarely listen to male artists."

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