Natalia Dyer Details How Social Media Gives Her 'Pressure' as an Actress

When speaking in a new interview, the Nancy Wheeler depicter on 'Stranger Things' additionally notes that she is 'always curious' as to why her relationship with Charlie Heaton is such interest to fans.

AceShowbiz - Natalia Dyer is worried that social media could "limit" her as an actress. Admitting that she feels a "pressure" to use Instagram to engage with her six million followers, the Nancy Wheeler depicter on Netflix's "Stranger Things" claimed she is concerned she is "underqualified" to speak publicly on certain issues and also doesn't want to end up "overexposed."

"Its role in our society is evolving so much, and I don't know if we're evolving as fast as it. In some ways, I'm very grateful to have a platform and fans that care about what you have to say," she told the new issue of Cosmopolitan U.K. "But I also think there's a lot of pressure to say things, and in a lot of ways I feel underqualified. I also wonder if being too overexposed could limit my ability to do what I do well."

"As an actor, I want to be able to try and fail at things. I also want to be able to melt into characters and be someone else," the 27-year-old beauty elaborated further. "I have moments where it feels right to engage and talk about something, but in a lot of ways it's about trying to absorb and listen and grow as a human before I throw out my ideas and opinions."

The Coco of "Velvet Buzzsaw", who is dating co-star and on-screen boyfriend Charlie Heaton, additionally noted that she is "always curious" as to why their relationship is such interest to fans. She said, "I'm always curious as to why it comes up. Why do people want to know about it?"

"I think it's a natural instinct to want to know more about the people who are on your screens for hours, about what they're like in real life. [But] now that I've experienced the other side of it...It sounds so cliche, but I'm just a person, too," she reasoned. "Some people are very good about being open and sharing, and other people feel a little more comfortable holding some things for themselves."

The June/July issue of Cosmopolitan U.K. magazine is on sale from May 10.

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