Christina Haack's Hubby Says She's a 'Positive Influence' for Her Kids Amid Ant Anstead Custody War

When defending his wife, Austin-based realtor Joshua Hall describes her as 'a very driven and incredible woman' who tries to 'save [her] kids from any unnecessary trauma.'

AceShowbiz - Christina Haack (Christina El Moussa)'s new husband has come to her defense amid her drama with Ant Anstead. After the British TV personality filed for full custody of his and Christina's son Hudson, Joshua Hall insisted that his wife is such a "positive influence" for her children.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, April 29, Josh shared a photo of him, Christina, Hudson and her two kids with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, Taylor and Brayden. Josh began his caption by writing, "Never did I think taking on 3 kids from 2 other males would be easy. What I was sure of, the woman connected to them was worth it all. I am not these kids biological father, they have those."

"What I will be is the best example of a quality human being, always show them how to treat their mother with respect and support them in any way I can during their development. Coming from a split home myself, I know it's not easy on youngsters, but in todays world sadly, it's pretty common," he added. "So Christina and I will always remain unfazed by any outside noise and save the kids from any unnecessary trauma."

"Christina is a very driven and incredible woman who has an ability to brush anything off and keep herself composed while being a positive influence in these kids lives while achieving success in anything she does," the Austin-based realtor continued. "I admire her greatly for that…especially watching my own mother do the same for my siblings and I growing up, I can appreciate it."

Josh went on to note that "there is a lot that goes on in personal lives that isn't for public consumption, therefore not shared, kept private. So trust me as someone who likes to keep a low profile, no one except those directly involved knows jack about any situation more than them. 2 sides and the truth." He further declared, "She doesn't bother anyone, she deserves the same in return. I will ensure that's the case."

Christina herself has slammed Ant for filing the petition. In the court documents, the boyfriend of Renee Zellweger accused Christina of being an absent mother as well as putting their 2-year-old baby boy at medical risk, including the moment where the toddler had a "sunburn that was so bad it left him crying in pain."

Firing back at Ant's claim, Christina claimed that she's "a good mom" who loves her "children with all [her] heart," adding that she "will always protect them." She also urged her second ex-husband to handle the issue "privately with a private judge or mediation."

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