Dwyane Wade Urged to 'Come Out' After He Admitted to Wearing Sister's Heels and Clothes

After a clip from the 2021 interview in which the former NBA star made the shocking revelation resurfaced online, many react by speculating about his sexuality.

AceShowbiz - Dwyane Wade has once again found himself at the center of talks about LGBTQ+ community. Having made headlines in 2020 after announcing that his then-12-year-old child is a transgender girl, the former NBA star has now sparked a speculation about his own sexuality after his old interview resurfaced online.

During a 2021 interview with "I Am Athlete", the husband of Gabrielle Union revealed that he used to wear his sister's heels and clothes when he was a kid. "A three years old, like I said, when me and my wife looked at each other, right, and the reason we looked at each other is because of this-you know, as kids, I used to put on heels," he said when discussing signs that he and his wife picked up when Zaya was young.

The 40-year-old hunk added, "I used to do all those things. I tried to put on whatever my sisters wear, whatever my sisters did, I tried to do those things."

After the interview was brought forward again, many said they were not surprised as they have suspected that Dwyane is either bisexual or gay. "Dwyane wade in kitten heels is not newsworthy. We been knew. And it's ok. I'm tickled by it. But it explains a lot," one person commented.

Another claimed, "I knew Dwyane wade was gay- he wore heels as a kid and he was prob mad it wasn't accepted and he was forced to play basketball now he living vicariously through his son…forcing his son to wear dresses."

Someone accused Dwyane of hiding his sexuality, "Just under cover with his s**t." A fourth person alleged, "At 8 wow! Perhaps he overly supporting his son because he has underlined sexuality issues." One other suspected, "it's giving Bruce Jenner [now-Caitlyn Jenner]."

Some others urged the former Miami Heat player to "come out." One comment read, "If you bisexual just say that," while another stated, "OMG JUST COME OUT ALREADY!!!!" Someone else said, "Slowly but surely coming out that transparent closet that he's in."

There were a few who begged to differ, though. Sharing her own story, one person wrote, "I was 9 and wearing all my brother clothes and shoes and I wanted to be him soooo bad. I'm straight af." Another urged the trolls to stop meddling in others' business, "His sexuality is his and his wife's business."

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