Amanda Bynes Spotted Making Out With Fiance Paul Michael After He Called 911 Over Major Fight

The 'Easy A' actress and her fiance are caught locking lips after she accused him of taking crack cocaine, watching disturbing pornography and vandalizing his mom's home during an explosive argument.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Bynes appears to have made up with her fiance following an explosive argument. The "She's the Man" actress has been spotted making out with Paul Michael after he called cops over their fight.

On Thursday mid-morning, April 28, the Marianne depicter in "Easy A" was caught locking lips with Paul. When stepping out in Los Angeles, the actress, clad in a tight gray T-shirt, jeans and a white beanie, passionately kissed her fiance.

Paul then embraced his fiancee as he rubbed her back. Matching Amanda's color scheme, Paul wore gray sweats, a matching hoodie and a denim button-up. They were later seen grabbing coffee at Starbucks.

Earlier that day, Paul called 911 after he and Amanda were locked in a verbal dispute and that she was "out of control." He told the dispatcher that Amanda had been taking his Adderall, which Amanda later denied. Police arrived at their home at 2:30 A.M. "They met and spoke with both parties and stood by as one of the parties gathered their belongings and left the location. No arrest was made," said a source.

Following their fight, Amanda hurled a slew of allegations against Paul and claimed she kicked him out of her house. "Paul told me that he stopped taking his medications. I looked at his phone and he was looking at mom-and-son porn. He vandalized his mom's home. He broke all of her pictures and put salmon under her bed," she told her Instagram followers on Thursday.

Calling his behavior "alarming," Amanda said she was "afraid of what he'll do." The 36-year-old actress also claimed she "found Paul's stash of crack cocaine" and that he's "been using for the past six months."

Hours later, Amanda turned back to Instagram and clarified her statements. "Correction. Paul looked up MILFs, moms and sons just popped up," she stated. She went on claiming, "I went to CVS, bought a drug test... Paul tested clean. Paul's clean."

In a separate statement to E! News, Amanda said, "I thought Paul relapsed, but I was wrong." She added, "He drug tested for me from a drug test kit I bought from CVS. The drug test was negative for all substances. Paul and I are staying together. I am so sorry for the confusion I caused."

Amanda's lawyer, David Esquibias, informed the outlet, "Amanda and Paul had an argument Wednesday evening. Amanda left her home, where Paul has been residing, for her safety before the situation escalated. She was not there when police arrived." The attorney said Amanda is "now back home" and "remains focused on her well-being."

Meanwhile, Paul claimed that he's now "sober from a relapse that may have happened long in the past but [he is] not using now." Paul continued, "I drug tested and it was negative. The drug test was clean. The relapse was not any significance or a controlled or illegal substance. I am clean for many years. I called the police to collected my belongings that I needed. I have worked it out with her. We're together and moving past this moment."

Amanda and Paul began dating in late 2019 after meeting in rehab. After keeping out of the spotlight for years, Amanda, whose 9-year conservatorship was officially terminated in March, returned to Instagram in 2020 and soon announced their engagement.

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