Stephen A. Smith Says Jamie Foxx Has 'No Credibility' After Being Blasted Over Ben Simmons Comments

In the latest episode of 'First Take', the ESPN commentator defends himself as saying that the reason behind him calling out the NBA star was because of his 'impact and effect on the black athlete.'

AceShowbiz - Stephen A. Smith never shies away from giving his opinion. The ESPN commentator has mocked Jamie Foxx for having "no credibility" when it comes to sports after he was blasted over his comments about Ben Simmons.

During the Tuesday, April 26 episode of ESPN's "First Take", the sports commentator said, "Jamie Foxx has no credibility when it comes to sports." On the reason why, he pointed out that Jamie "is a Cowboys fan."

"Jamie Foxx knows better. He's just highly protective of the black athlete as he should be because they deserve our protection, to be quite honest," said Stephen. "I'm calling out a [Kyrie Irving] and Ben Simmons because of their impact and effect on the black athlete."

Stephen continued, "When you go to the collective bargaining table and they use them as an example to try to minimize their contribution to players, that's about those players." The TV personality then concluded his statement as saying, "That's not just about them, that's about the black athlete."

Jamie publicly criticized Stephen on Monday, April 25. Taking to Instagram, the "Django Unchained" star wrote a message to Stephen, "That is completely unfair @bensimmons has a family this man has people that love him and this man just plays basketball but to be dragged through the mud like this is unfair. And why is it @stephenasmith you only go at basketball players?"

"You completely mute when it comes to the Tom Brady's the Aaron Rodgers of the world," Jamie further said. He then urged Stephen to stop dragging Ben and other black basketball athletes. "You get where I'm going… stop it bruh it's out of bounds," so he stressed.

Jamie's comments came after Stephen ranted about "pathetic" Ben, who was ruled out by Brooklyn Nets for Game 4 against the Boston Celtics on Monday. "Nobody is worse than Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons might also be the weakest, most pathetic excuse for a professional athlete we have ever seen in not just American history, but the history of sports," criticized Stephen. "I ain't being sensitive to no damn Ben Simmons. It's a punk a** move that he's been doing. It's embarrassing."

"This is one of the most pathetic situations I've ever seen in my life. He ain't going to war. He ain't going into the octagon. He's not going into the boxing ring. It's pulling teeth to get this man to play basketball. It's pathetic. It's sad," Stephen continued mocking Ben. "And at the end of the day, when the NBA gets in the collective bargaining table, and they go after the players in terms of a pay-for-play stipulation in the collective bargaining agreement, it's going to be called the Ben Simmons Rule."

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