Joss Stone Has Mixed Feeling Over Second Child Pregnancy After Traumatic Miscarriage

The Grammy Award-winning singer takes to social media to share that she has a bun in the oven, while at the same time mourns over the loss of a baby in October 2021.

AceShowbiz - Joss Stone is going to add a new member into her little family, but is wary about it. On Sunday, April 10, the "Super Duper Love" hitmaker shared that after going through a traumatic miscarriage, she had mixed feeling over her second child pregnancy.

Making use of Instagram, the 35-year-old singer posted an eight-minute video to announce her pregnancy news. In the video, she got teary-eye before delivering the good news. She started off the video by saying, "I have a bit of an announcement to make, which is kind of mixed. It's beautiful and not at the same time."

However, before delivering the happy news, "The Masked Singer" winner took time to talk about previous miscarriage. "Last year, in October, I lost a baby, and it was really horrible because it was my baby and I know that a lot of women go through that," she said while holding back her tears.

Joss went on saying, "So I went to the doctor and I asked why is this happening and he said 'We don't know why Joss, these things just happen by the luck of the gods. It's not your fault.' " Continuing with the story, she recalled her doctor telling her to go back for an appointment in the spring which prompted her to respond, "I will come back when the daffodil blooms."

The "Walk With Me" singer then cut her announcement to show off a cheeky video in which she flaunted a positive pregnancy test in front of the bloomed flowers. Having shared her miscarriage story and her positive test, she pointed out, "That's the beautiful part of the story, there are rainbows after storms. I hope and pray that everything is okay."

While admitting that she was very excited to announce her pregnancy, the Grammy Award-winning singer confessed she "didn't want to not acknowledge [her] baby before." Still, she could not help but hold up an ultrasound photo to the camera, and said while smiling, "There you go. Can you see? It's a blob and I'm excited. I can't wait to meet my baby."

Joss ended her video on a hopeful note. "Life is full of different things and it takes all different colors to make a tapestry. Some of those colors are bright and beautiful, some of those colors are a bit dark but we need them all," she said.

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