Boosie Badazz Defends Encouraging His Teen Son to Look at Women's Genitalia With Magnifying Glass

The bizarre incident involving the rapper's 18-year-old son is included in a pay-per-view event titled 'Boosie Gone Bad' which is hosted by the Baton Rouge star.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) reacted to the backlash he faced for encouraging his 18-year-old son to examine women's genitals with a magnifying glass in an X-rated event. Defending his action, the emcee posted an Instagram video on Thursday, March 17.

"I just woke up to the shenanigans, talking about me and my son," he said. "See, what they do is you all flip the narrative and always try to make it f**kd up."

The Baton Rouge rapper went on to argue, "But if an 18-year-old man is looking at some p***y is wrong, what is right for him to look at. An 18-year-old man looking and if this is so wrong for him to look at a Cat then what is right for him to look at."

The bizarre incident took place during a pay-per-view event titled "Boosie Gone Bad" hosted by Boosie on Wednesday. "I am back, baby. Anything I do on PPV, my mouth was drawn. You ain't got to go to these shady rooms. When I get drunk, I get cocky, cool, and I feel the world is mine," he said. He added, "Look at the p***y, son," he said as he and his teenage child got up close and personal with one half-naked woman after another.

After the video circulated online, Internet users quickly criticized Boosie's behavior considering the fact that he used to slam Lil Nas X for giving a bad influence to kids by kissing a male back dancer on TV. "And he has the nerve to speak on what lil Nas x do with his life, lil boosie is a menace to society," one person said.

"Y'all keep saying he's 18 but it's not about his age tbh, it's about how Boosie been doing this since tootie was young but if that was his daughter the comments would have been way different, but since tootie is a boy it's so normalized," another user opined. "Boosie always got something to say about how other people parent their kids but do the wildest s**t to and with his kids," another comment read.

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