Tupac's Fiancee Kidada Jones Allegedly Almost Drank Diddy's Urine
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Puff's former bodyguard Gene Deal also shares in a new interview that the music mogul didn't seem to try stopping Quincy Jones' daughter from drinking his urine.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' former bodyguard Gene Deal shared a shocking anecdote about Tupac Shakur's then-fiancee Kidada Jones. In a recent interview with "The Art of Dialogue", Gene claimed that Kidada almost drank Diddy's urine.

Recalling the incident, Gene said, "It was just a situation." He added, "They was giving 'Producer of the Year', and Puff didn't wanna leave because he thought he was gunna be 'Producer of the Year'."

He went on to say, "And he took one of the pitchers after we had drunk some of one, and he took one of the pitchers, I think it was a pitcher of ginger-ale or something like that, and he went up under the table, and urinated in the pitcher, with the ice and stuff in it still. And Quincy Jones' daughter, came over to the table, and she was just talking to Puff. Next thing you know, she reached over to the pitcher, and poured her a glass of ginger-pee."

When Kidada was "about to drink it," Diddy's security guard Wolf "stopped her from doing it." While Wolf allegedly told Kidada, "Nah you don't wanna drink that," no one told her the reason.

As for Diddy, Gene said that the music mogul "wasn't going to stop her" from drinking the pee. "Nah, he didn't stop her. I guess he was [going to let her]. We was all guilty at that time. No lie. We was all guilty. Wolf was the only one, I think Wolf knew her personally, too," he explained. "I didn’t know who she was at first. That don't really excuse from not saying nothing but..."

When asked if Diddy knew that Kidada was Tupac's fiance, Gene said, "Yeah. That industry s**t is so close. I could tell you a million girls that’s married to rappers, that been with rappers, with this one and that one that I used to put in the cab every morning at 9 o'clock from Puff’s house. They all do the same chicks, man."

Kidada was engaged to Tupac up until he died in September 1996. The rap legend was shot 13 times shortly after leaving a Mike Tyson fight and rushed to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

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