'The Bachelor' Recap: The Girls Celebrate an Elimination, a New Villain Emerges

Clayton makes a significant decision after a two-on-one date with Genevieve and Shanae, while Mara makes Clayton have a second thought about Sarah by telling him that she's not ready for marriage.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" has eliminated a villain, but it doesn't mean that the rest of the season will be free of drama. In the Monday, February 14 episode, Clayton Echard finally saw the true color of one woman who has shaken up the house of the girls.

The episode picked up with Clayton's awkward two-on-one date with Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney. Clayton pulled Genevieve aside and she tearfully confessed, "This week has been tough. Being vulnerable is not easy for me… But I'm really trying. My feelings are growing every day." She apologized that she seemed "distant" at times, but assured him that she's "all in" and "here to find love."

Meanwhile, during her chat with Clayton, Shanae continued bad-mouthing Genevieve, claiming that she's "two-faced" and gave off an "actress vibe." She also told Clayton that she heard Genevieve was "wanting to go home, that she wanted to pack her bags," so she was surprised to find out that Genevieve was still on the show.

Shanae then cried in front of Clayton, telling him how hard it was "being single for five years," and how she's never been in love. In a confession, she admitted that she faked the tears. She was confident though that her highly planned conversation with Clayton "went off without a hitch."

Eventually, Clayton sat down with the two women, during which he confronted Genevieve by asking her, "Are you an actress and are you lying to me?" Genevieve was stunned and Shanae was laughing. "I'm not an actress. I’m not faking anything," Genevieve defended herself.

When Clayton excused himself, Shanae told Genevieve that she told Clayton what she overheard the day before. When Clayton returned, he told the women, "The rose today is going to somebody who helped me see the truth in all of this. Shanae, I am so sorry, but I cannot find it in my heart to give you this rose."

Back at the hotel, the girls cheered as Shanae's luggage was taken from the room, and Shanae was fuming. "I'm 100 percent shocked. One hundred percent. Like, what the f**k just happened? He chose an actress over me. Weird. Like, f**k that guy," Shanae told the cameras after she was left alone in Niagara Falls. "I'm pissed. I'm literally blindsided," she added.

Nevertheless, the show continued with a cocktail party with one less woman. Clayton told the girls that he hoped Shanae's departure allowed them to turn over "a new leaf," but things soon grew intense again after Serene interrupted Mara's time with Clayton. At the rose ceremony, Clayton eliminated Hunter and Marlena, before telling the remaining women that they were heading to Croatia.

In Croatia, Teddi and Clayton had a one-on-one date, during which Teddi told Clayton that she's a virgin. While she said she doesn't wait for marriage to have sex, she added that she plans to wait until she falls in love, something which she had yet to experience.

Clayton responded to Teddi's confession, telling the cameras, "It is exciting to know that I could be the first person she falls in love with, I think I could be her first in many things. I think it could be very special, but it carries a lot of weight, especially now, knowing all that, I really want to make sure that, with her, I'm 100 percent in." Clayton ended up giving a rose to Teddi.

Up next was a group date, during which Mara expressed her concerns that Clayton picked women who "have been openly vocal about" not being ready for marriage despite his intention to find a wife. After Sarah landed the second one-on-one date, Mara told Clayton that Sarah was one of the women she believes is "not fully ready" to get married.

Prior to the official one-on-one date, Susie created her own private time with Clayton by instructing him to "meet me at the clock tower." Upon meeting the Bachelor, she confessed, "I do feel as though I'm falling in love with you." Clayton was impressed by her initiative and her honesty, saying in a confessional, "This might be the happiest I've been since I've been on this journey... I could see myself falling in love with Susie."

During the one-on-one date with Sarah, Clayton brought up his concern that she may not be ready for marriage. Sarah tearfully denied this, leaving Clayton confused. As he excused himself from the table, Sarah fumed and wondered to a producer, "Who the f**k said that?"

The two later returned at the table again and Clayton brushed aside his doubt about her. "I don't question your sincerity," he told her. "This is a strong connection and I can tell that you're pouring in everything that you have into this, and that you're here for me and you want what I'm after."

The episode ended with a preview for next week's outing with a glimpse of the growing tension between Sarah and Mara. Elsewhere, Rachel cries, Gabby says, "It feels like we don't have a chance," and one woman states, "She dug herself a hole and she doesn't know how to get out of it."

Clayton believes that while "it hasn't been easy, it's all going to be worth it." But later in the season, he appears to face a tough decision as he says, "I wish I never would've fallen in love. I'm so broken."

The new episode of "The Bachelor" airs Monday, February 21 on ABC.

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