Tori Spelling Says She Develops 'Pretty Thick Skin' After Dealing With Haters for Decades

The Donna Martin depicter on 'Beverly Hills, 90210' also finds it 'mind-boggling' that the social media criticisms are often times coming from fellow women and moms.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling is no stranger to getting negative comments, but that doesn't mean the hate is any less hurtful for her. In a new interview, the 48-year-old actress revealed how she's dealing with negative social media comments.

Speaking with Fox News, Tori admitted that while she tries "not to read" them, she still finds it "hard to deal with" the scrutiny. "I'm human. So, you know, sometimes I fall down that rabbit hole, but it's just about letting it go," she shared.

"And being like, 'You know, it's not about me. Ultimately, it's about them and how they feel.' They need it to tear people down," the Donna Martin depicter on "Beverly Hills, 90210" went on to explain.

Tori added that she has faced criticism for over three decades as a public figure. "I've been getting that since I was 16 since my career started, so, you know, I have pretty thick skin at this point," she shared.

The actress also found it "mind-boggling" that the criticisms were often times coming from fellow women and moms. "We talk so much about, you know, women support women, women build each other up, we got to be there for each other," she divulged. "And when you see another female doing it to you, and especially a lot of them, they're moms, and they'll be shaming your kid."

Last year, Tori, who shares five children with husband Dean McDermott, also opened up in an Instagram post about receiving online criticism. "We all put our best foot forward on social media. We don't show the messy house, the bad photos, etc... because perhaps the 'algorithm' wouldn't support that. Or the haters would love it way too much!" she wrote at the time.

"If they write horrific things about my pretty ring lit and edited photo what would they say about the ones without makeup looking like a disheveled mess? Prime for the feast!" she continued.

The mom of Liam (14), Stella (13), Hattie (10), Finn (9) and Beau (4) noted, "But I'm a busy working mom of 5 young children and a backyard farm. That's my reality. And, it's not always pretty. The reality is I'm human. I have feelings like each of them that post mean things about my looks and family."

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