Nelly Catches Heat for Telling Madonna to Cover Up After She Posts Revealing Photos

The 'Ride wit Me' hitmaker comes under fire after criticizing the 'Like a Virgin' songstress over her recent racy Instagram photos in which she flashed her butt.

AceShowbiz - Nelly's comments on Madonna's recent social media post were rather unexpected and not taken well by her fans. The rapper has landed in hot water after he tried to school the pop star on how to dress properly.

One person rallying behind Madge defended the singer against the criticism. "All of these negative comments are f**king disgusting. Like do you hear yourselves? It's 2022. This is a 63-year-old woman who is literally more successful than all of you and has enough life experience to make her own decisions when it comes to her image," the person wrote.

Another shared a message to Nelly, "y'all should really be looking at YOURSELVES and asking why the f**k u tryna cyber bully this person for the way she looks? It's gross and giving boomer energy. @nelly this message is for you too."

A third accused the "Hot in Herre" hitmaker of being a hypocrite considering his explicit lyrics. "If a writer of songs like 'shake ya tailfeather' and 'it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes' gets triggered by Madonna's a** photoshoot, just know dude, we're laughing at your hypocritical BS. Don't sing about girls getting naked, then criticize it. Petty," the said user wrote.

Another told the Austin native, "He needs to put that band-aid over his mouth. Nelly, calm down dude." Someone mocked the 47-year-old artist, "Nelly hasn't been relevant since 2002 and even his brief fame wasn't anywhere close to Madonna lol! So tired of these bitter people coming for her all the time. Let the woman live, and if she bothers you so much stop following her and talking about her lol! It's really simple."

"And she has been doing it since Nelly was in pull-ups…he picked a fight with the wrong icon," wrote another Madonna fan. Calling Nelly a "sell out," someone said, "Hey at least he's getting airtime since his songs are Ralphs grocery store's commercials now." Another added, "Nelly trying to be relevant?"

Some others, however, agreed with Nelly with one commenting, "I agree horrible." Another said, "Nelly is right!! Who wants to see her old a$$? She keeps forgetting she's 63, not 23." One other clapped back at Madge fans, "Idk why ppl mad, Nelly was right, that s**t was gross, nobody wants to see a 60yo bbl."

Previously, Nelly called out Madonna after she posted her raunchy photos on Instagram. In the images, the 63-year-old singer bared her butt that she covered only with a lingerie and fishnet stockings. In the comment section, Nelly wrote, "Something's should just be left covered up."

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