Kodak Black Exposes Himself as Kleptomaniac After Stealing Pickled Sausage and Back Scratcher

Several days after showing a pickled sausage that he stole from a gas station just to see if he 'still had it,' the 'Super Gremlin' rapper brags about stealing a back scratcher.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black risks landing himself in jail again for petty thefts. The rapper has apparently been developing a kleptomania habit and, instead of hiding it, he has been proudly revealing it.

The "Zeze" hitmaker first exposed himself as a kleptomaniac on Thursday, January 27. At the time, he took to his Instagram Story to brag about stealing a pickled sausage from a gas station just to see if he "still had it."

"Stole This Bih Out Da Gas Station," Yak wrote along with a picture of his iced-out hand holding a treat in an orange package he allegedly stole. "Had To See If I Had To Still Had It," he reasoned.

Several days later, on Sunday, Kodak once again exposed his mischief on the photo sharing platform after stealing a back scratcher from a store. Posting a picture of his hand holding the back scratcher, he wrote over it, "SMH I Done Turnt Into A Thief Ouchea Lol."

"N***a Jus Stole A Damn Back Scratcher Out Da Store. Guess I Still Got It Bih," the "Tunnel Vision" emcee proudly declared. He seemingly didn't plan to stop this bad habit anytime soon as he added, "Keep It Up Ima Start Boosting Clothes Next."

Ironically, Kodak, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri, recently claimed that he is rich. When responding to haters who dubbed him "ugly," he said in a video posted on his feed, "I ain't ever been ugly, and I'm rich as f**k, and I f**k good, ya heard me?"

Kodak, who was released from jail in January 2021 as part of President Donald Trump's last-minute pardon spree, was arrested for trespassing in Pompano Beach, Florida on January 1. He then addressed the arrest, "You know what, stay out the hood."

Kodak further told his followers, "Everything that I was trying to do, I always keep the hood in my mix. I always steady slide back to the hood." He continued, "I don't need to be going through there. I don't need to be through there. But how can you tell a n***a who really from the streets, who really doing his s**t, really did my s**t out there."

His lawyer Bradford Cohen, however, later updated that the case has been dismissed, "because there was no probable cause to make the arrest." He explained on Instagram, "The State agreed that this arrest and charge were not warranted Quick legal discussion....a cease and desist letter is not a trespass notice. A cease and desist to a corporation is not notice to an individual. An invitee to a home, by the legal renter/occupant cannot be trespassed by a landlord."

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