Boosie Dry Humps on the Wheel After Taking Mushrooms for the First Time
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In some NSFW videos shared on Instagram, the 'Wipe Me Down' rapper appears high on the hallucinogenic drugs as he grinds on his wheel while driving a car.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (formerly Lil Boosie) has got literally NSFW in some of his latest social media posts. Sharing his experience of trying magic mushrooms for the first time, the rapper got racy and dangerous as he simulated sex while behind the wheel.

In two clips which have circulated online, the 39-year-old appeared high on the hallucinogenic drugs while driving the car. He seemingly got a little over-excited as he dry humped on the wheel, putting his two legs on the dashboard without bothering to pull over the car.

Boosie also shared on Twitter on Sunday, January 23 a video of him stripping down to his shorts while running in the snow. "S**t make me run crooked," he yelled, while the person who filmed him was laughing hysterically. "MUSHROOMS‼️" Boosie simply captioned the clip to explain his antics.

Further documenting his experience of trying the shrooms for the first time, the "Wipe Me Down" spitter tweeted, "MAN I JUST EXPERIENCED A MUSHROOM HIGH," along with fire emojis, "AMAZING." He later shared a photo of a bag of mushrooms, along with the caption, "IM F**KED UO OFF MUSHROOMS."

In a separate tweet, Boosie posted a picture of him holding a bag filled with mushrooms while posing with another man. "MUSHROOMS GOT ME F**KED UP," he once again informed his fans.

While this isn't the first time Boosie shared shocking videos or photos on social media, the clips that showed him dry humping while driving a car have got some people concerned. "this is disturbing," one person commented on the Baton Rogue star's antics.

"Not playing with my life," another stressed how dangerous his act was. A third echoed the sentiment, "And y'all got this man behind the wheel lawd y'all don't value this life God give us."

Someone was confused as to why the passengers in Boosie's car were filming him instead of taking another ride for their safety. "They recording I would have call a Lyft or Uber ain't no way u not playing with my life," the said user wrote. Another called out the father of eight, "This the man that hate lil nas??"

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