In a new funny commercial, titled 'Everyone but Jon Hamm', the 'Mad Men' star jokingly asks the streaming service whether he did something offensive which led to him not being given a project to star in.

AceShowbiz - Jon Hamm is feeling a little left out of Apple TV in a new ad. In a new funny commercial titled "Everyone but Jon Hamm", the actor portraying Don Draper on "Mad Men" hilariously calls out the streaming service.

The tongue-in-cheek spot, published via social media on Friday, January 21 before airing on broadcast TV throughout the weekend, features the 50-year-old actor relaxing in his home while scrolling through the streaming platform's star-studded slate of offerings. In doing so, the actor soon realizes that he's the only actor who doesn't have shows or movies on the streaming service.

"Hey, Apple, did I do something to offend you?" so says the "Baby Driver" actor to the camera. He adds, "I mean, Samuel L. Jackson, Billie Eilish, Tom Holland. Chris Evans? What about Jon Hamm?"

Jon goes on saying, "Seriously, I could have done ['Ted Lasso']." The actor then talks to Tom Hanks on the phone, emphasizing how the actor has two films on Apple, "Finch" and "Greyhound". The "Top Gun: Maverick" star also can be seen feeling frustrated after learning that the animated "Peanuts" dog Snoopy has a show on Apple and he doesn't.

"[Jennifer Aniston] and [Reese Witherspoon]. No Jon," Jon adds. "The Town" actor then exclaims, "Feels like a missed opportunity!" before adding, "No, not satisfied." Later, the commercial sees Jon pacing around his house after viewing a preview of "Swan Song", starring Mahershala Ali and a clone of himself. "Two Mahershalas… kinda feels like cheating," Jon chimes in. "Could've cloned me!"

Jon further mentions other stars, including Octavia Spencer, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Jon Stewart. The Bob Callahan depicter in "Tag (2018)" concludes the commercial as saying, "I mean, it just, it keeps going!"

Shortly after the ad was shared on social media, many fans poured their thoughts on Twitter. "I'm loving the #jonhamm @AppleTV ad," one wrote. "The #JonHamm @AppleTV commercial is [four glowing star emojis]."

While some social media users were giving positive feedback, others were criticizing the commercial. One critic tweeted, "Apple tv is really not convincing me to watch their shows by saying, 'We've got all these shows and NONE of them have jon hamm.' " The said person stressed, "I think whoever thought up this commercial should be fired and humiliated publicly specifically by jon hamm himself."

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