Trick Daddy Allegedly Owes $23K in Bankruptcy After Being Canceled Over Comments About Beyonce

The 'I'm a Thug' rapper is accused by his trustee of owing the money after saying the 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker can barely sing that led him to lose his popular radio show 99JAMZ with Trina.

AceShowbiz - Trick Daddy is facing financial troubles months after his popular radio show with Trina was canceled following backlash over comments he made about Beyonce Knowles. The "I'm a Thug" rapper allegedly owes nearly $23,000 in bankruptcy.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the trustee presiding over the 47-year-old rapper's Chapter 13 bankruptcy claimed the hip-hop star, whose real name is Maurice Young, has failed to make his required monthly payments. The trustee added that the musician is delinquent in the amount of $22,186.

The filing further stated that Trick has 45 days to pay up or his entire bankruptcy will be dismissed. If that happens, he will be on the hook for any remaining debt and won't have the court's protection. In other words, his creditors can start coming after his assets to collect.

Trick, who has had a long history of money troubles, originally filed the case back in August 2019. Over the years, the "Take It to Da House" spitter has made three previous attempts to file for bankruptcy but each was dismissed.

In his latest petition, Trick listed $800,000 in debt that he was struggling to pay. His assets included his Florida home worth $350,000, $1,500 worth of furniture, $100 worth of clothing and nothing in his bank account. His debts included $435,000 owed on the home and another $60,000 in back child support. He also owes the IRS $300,000.

At the time of the filing, Trick was a star on "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" and was making $10,000 a month. He also was a co-host of a radio show with Trina on 99JAMZ. However, the popular show was pulled months after he made controversial comments about Beyonce not being able to sing.

Trick ripped on Bey and her husband Jay-Z last June. "Beyonce f**k with her because she see money," he was heard saying during the show. "Beyonce ain't trying to give back to music or nothin'."

"Beyonce don't write music and barely can sing her motherf**kin' self," Trick added, noting that he can't understand why people hailed her as a good singer. He doubled down on his claim, "Beyonce can't sang!"

Upon learning of Trick's remarks, Bey's fans rushed to her defense. "Pls bey is a trained star rated vocalist," one person reacted on Twitter, "Trick daddy cant f**king rap if we talking bout s**t ppl cant do, ppl only listen to his s**t for Trina & even if she couldnt sing she has more talent than him and has sold over a hundred million more records than him & thats jus solo."

Another enraged fan wrote, "Did Trick Daddy just say Beyonce can't sing? Yeah. I'm about to lay down." Someone seemingly suggested that Trick was high when dissing Beyonce, "Trick daddy is on hardcore drugs talking that mess."

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