Bella Hadid Reveals Her Tearful Post Made Her 'Less Lonely' Amid 'Excruciating' Mental Health Issue
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In a new interview, the supermodel also shares reasons why she decided to post the emotional selfies, noting that she wants everyone to know that 'it's OK to feel that way.'

AceShowbiz - Bella Hadid has reflected on her decision to share tearful selfies on social media last November. In a new interview, the supermodel divulged that sharing the emotional post has helped her to overcome "excruciating" mental health struggles.

"That post made me less lonely because I had a lot of people that have reached out saying, 'I feel that way too,' " the 25-year-old catwalk beauty told WSJ Magazine in an article published on Monday, January 17. She added, "Walking outside, being able to remember there are so many people going through things and have similar patterns to me, it makes me feel better."

Bella further shared that she doesn't mind if people don't want to see her vulnerable side. "I don't know if that's not what people want on Instagram, and that's fine," she insisted. "I don't have to be on Instagram forever. I feel like real is the new real, and that's what's important to me."

On the reason why Bella finally decided to share those tearful selfies, she shared that it was "to make sure that anybody that was feeling that way knew it was OK to feel that way." The brunette beauty further pointed out, "Even though on Instagram things look so beautiful, at the end of the day, we are all cut from the same cloth," adding that it's "good" for her to be able to speak her truth.

Bella went on to share that she "would have really depressive episodes." When her mom Yolanda Hadid or her doctor asked about her mental condition, she'd "send them a photo" instead of having to respond in text.

"It was the easiest thing for me to do at the time because I was never able to explain how I was feeling. I would just be in excruciating and debilitating mental and physical pain, and I didn't know why," she candidly continued. "That was over the past three years."

As for how she's doing now, Bella admitted that she has "good days" that could possibly be followed by "the complete opposite." She told the publication, "Today is a good day. My brain fog is feeling better, I don't feel depressed. I don't have as much anxiety as I usually do."

In her November post, Bella revealed that she cries "pretty much everyday, every night for a few years now." Alongside a series of photos that saw her breaking down in tears, the Victoria's Secret model continued writing, "All humans are different, every single human has something so special and unique to offer."

"People forget that everyone is basically feeling the same way: lost, confused, not really sure why they're here. That anxiety, like, everyone is feeling that -- and trying to cover it up in some way," she elaborated. "We're gonna come together in our flaws. In our insecurities, in our joy, in our happiness, and accept it all as beautiful and natural."

"For anyone struggling, please remember that. Sometimes all you've gotta hear is that you're not alone," Bella noted. She then shared a loving message to her followers, "So from me to you, you're not alone. I love you, I see you, and I hear you."

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