Kodak Black Grumbles About Being Stuck on Highway as His Car Runs Out of Gas

When airing out his frustration on his social media account, the 'Wake Up in the Sky' spitter lashes out at an unnamed girl who 'threw [his] whole f**king vibe off.'

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black recently had such a rough night. After being stuck on the highway because his car ran out of gas, the "Wake Up in the Sky" rapper took to social media to voice his frustration.

The emcee made use of Instagram Story to post a video of him waiting to get picked up. "This girl, we supposed to just be together. I hate that pussy a** s**t bro. This girl just made me mad, all kinds of s**t. Threw my whole f**king vibe off bruh. N***a f**king ran out of gas, all kinds of s**t bro," he argued.

"N***a had to pee, all kinds of s**t. I ran out of gas right by the f**king exit," Kodak further fumed. His mood got worse after he noticed a dead opossum, saying, "Motherf**king opossum right here... I hate this p***y a** s**t bro I'm gonna kill somebody!"

It remains unknown which girl Kodak was talking about. However, the "ZEZE" spitter has been spending time with his artist Essence lately. They even made headlines a few days prior after the hip-hop star shared a clip of him grinding on her while she was twerking at an NHL game.

Many have since reacted to the footage, with some online users thinking that the pair were having sexual intercourse. However, a Twitter user named @David954FLA shut down the speculations, saying, "I took the original video and I know they weren't having sex lol."

A woman named Treonna Brewer, who hinted that she was in a romantic relationship with Kodak, slammed him on Instagram Story after seeing the clip. She wrote, "I never knew a guy that will do anything for attention until I met you @kodakblack, but you speak on loyalty you have no clue what that is... & this why I never post that man he'll literally f**k anything."

"I was genuine for the start and when he was locked up he was experiencing so much that I didn't care to post," Treonna further fumed. "I never been a clout chasing b***h. I have so many receipts but it's not for y'all Lil Kodak know. Not mad I make him look good."

Kodak himself has clarified his relationship status with Essence. Sharing on Instagram a photo of the two, he declared, "I'm Single ! @vvsnce My Artist & I Truly Believe In Her !!!"

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