Doja Cat Gets into Twitter Spat With Charles Hamilton Only to Find Out He's Not Anthony Hamilton

The back-and-forth between Doja and the 'Brooklyn Girls' rapper begins after he tells the 'Say So' hitmaker that it's time for her to 'grow up' because the world is judging her.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat recently had a weird interaction with Charles Hamilton on Twitter. After firing back at Charles for reminding her to "grow up," the "Planet Her" artist realized that she mistook him for another famed artist, Anthony Hamilton.

The back-and-forth between the two musicians began on Thursday, January 13 after the "Brooklyn Girls" rapper told her, "Doja, you gotta chill. The whole world is watching and, yes, judging you. Time to grow up. I know. Sucks. But… yeah." Unpleased by the tweet, the "Say So" hitmaker replied, "You ain't s**t."

Doja later quote-retweeted Charles' post and shouted, "HOLY S**T ITS CHARLES HAMILTON," to which he responded, "Just know that I luhzhya!!!" Doja then tweeted, "Oh nvm I thought Charles Hamilton was ANTHONY HAMILTON IM OS SORRY NFM F**K THAT FOOL FR... BRO I FEEL SO F**KIN DUMB. IMAGINE HE WAS ANTHONY HAMILTON THOUGH?!?!?"

Doja's fans, on the other hand, attacked Charles for his unsolicited advice. It led the Ohio native to explain, "I wasn't hating on @dojacat. I'm just asking for her to take herself serious. She's already one of the elite females in music. I don't want her being ridiculed for being silly." Doja then noted, "Bro i thought you were Anthony Hamilton i was about to tell my whole family I was so excited."

"Also, @dojacat is talking about being on 9th beats. Meaning, she wants to be taken serious (as a spitter)," the 34-year-old further elaborated. "I'm just saying she should take herself more serious. She, like I said, is already rockin' the world."

Doja might be sorry for mistaking Charles for the Grammy-winning R&B crooner. However, she eventually threw shade at him by insinuating that he's not famous enough. "u that one dude that was like 'YABADABADABA BROOKLYN GIRLS,' " she said while responding to his latest post.

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