'Bachelor' Contestant Slams Clayton Echard After Shocking Revelation: 'Go F**k Yourself'

In another video, which was shared before season 26 aired, Cassidy Timbrooks admits that she's going to take full advantage of her appearance on the ABC show.

AceShowbiz - It's been only two episodes into Clayton Echard's season of "The Bachelor", but it has caused a stir both on and offline. One of the women who were vying for Clayton's heart in current season 26 took to her social media account to drag the leading man in videos containing spoilers.

[SPOILER ALERT] Addressing Clayton, Cassidy Timbrooks, who was still on the ABC dating show as of the Monday, January 10 episode, said in a newly-surfaced video, "You were going to give [Salley Carson] a rose even though she was engaged last week." Hinting that she was eliminated over rumors surrounding her, she continued, "Meanwhile, I f**ked someone a few months ago and I got sent home."

"OK, no, it's cool," she added sarcastically. "No, I get it. I get it. I get what we're made of here. Go f**k yourself, Clayton Echard."

In another video, Cassidy shared that she's going to take full advantage of her appearance on the dating competition show despite her apparent early elimination. "I think I'm gonna be a great influencer," the Los Angeles native said in the clip, which she filmed before the new season aired. "I feel like I'm really entertaining -- you're entertained, right? You buy anything I'm selling you, right? Even if it's complete bulls**t? I think so. Don't answer that. It's yes. I mean, it's pretty obvious."

Cassidy added that men "treat [her] like s**t." She went on to conclude, "Men are trash. I said what the f**k I said. Goodnight."

In the Monday episode of "The Bachelor", contestant Sierra Jackson approached Clayton to tell him that Cassidy had a "friend with benefits" back home. She also claimed that Cassidy FaceTimed the guy at the hotel and the guy told Cassidy that they would watch the show together when she's back.

Following the shocking claims, Clayton appeared to plan to take back the rose that he previously gave to Cassidy during a group date. Viewers can only see if he really eliminates Cassidy in the next episode.

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